Coles and Woolworths worker launched their super strike in Meanjin/Brisbane on October 7, video by Alex Bainbridge.

RAFFWU members rally in Meanjin/Brisbane while the strike is underway.

Retail and Fast Food Workers Union members at hundreds of Coles and Woolworths supermarkets took part in a historic nationwide “superstrike” as they fight for better pay and working conditions, reports Isaac Nellist

This episode of the Green Left Show highlights the campaign to defend whistleblower rights, in particular the case of David McBride who faces trial in November.

Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson book cover

Mat Ward slogged his way through Walter Isaacson's new 600-page biography of Elon Musk, so you don't have to.


Turkey escalated its bombing of civilian targets in North East Syria (in the region known as Rojava) on October 5, reports Susan Price.

Free Julian Assange banner

A cross-party delegation of Australian politicians visited the United States in September to lobby for an end to US attempts to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, reports Alex Bainbridge.

solidarity banner

Members of the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) at Coles and Woolworths are taking industrial action after negotiations over pay and conditions fell through, reports Nova Sobieralski.

Grupo Puebla cr Tamara Pearson

Progressive leaders from Latin America gathered in Mexico on September 30, to discuss further regional integration, combating climate change, a regional currency and opposing sanctions. Tamara Pearson reflects on the contrasts with earlier gatherings at the height of the "Pink Tide".

Eric Lee Ukraine

Following his recent visit to Ukraine, LabourStart founding editor Eric Lee outlines the challenges in building trade union solidarity with the Ukrainian people following Russia's brutal invasion.


Socialist Alliance recommends a Yes vote for the referendum on the Voice. But we also recognise that substantial measures to benefit Indigenous people require a strengthening of the grassroots movements for change. This will be true whatever the outcome on October 14, writes Sam Wainwright.


Under the Shadow is a forthcoming podcast series hosted by journalist and producer Michael Fox, which delves into the history of rebellions and interventions by the United States in Latin America. Green Left’s Federico Fuentes spoke to Fox about the upcoming first season.

Public housing under attack, US autoworkers on strike & film and TV writers win

Green Left journalist’s Isaac Nellist and Chloe DS go through the latest news from across the continent and around the world.