As President Donald Trump delivered his expected announcement in June 1 of withdrawing the United States from Paris climate agreement, environmental group 350.org laid out steps for an energised people's movement that could “rise up like never before” and stop the anti-science White House from destroying the planet.

By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — Angry public servants in what is left of South Africa's discredited system of ethnic "homelands" are continuing to press their demands militantly. Workers in the health services of KwaZulu, Transkei, Lebowa and
Greenslopes picket By John Nebauer BRISBANE — About 40 people attended a picket outside the Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital on April 16 to protest against plans to close parts of the facility and privatise the remainder. The picket
Increased danger from ultraviolet radiation Leaked research from a top laboratory of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States indicates that sun-screens may not provide protection from excessive ultraviolet radiation (UV-B)
By John Pilger For Australians, the genocide in East Timor, one of the century's great crimes, is especially disturbing. In the Sydney street where I grew up in the years following the second world war were several "diggers" who had fought the
By Victor Amaya SAN SALVADOR — With some reluctance, the right-wing ARENA party has been forced to concede there will be a second round in the election. The technical fraud denounced by the FMLN has been recognised by the world. The two
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Many people in the international left and labour movements were impressed last year to see and read a new English-language publication from Moscow — Russian Labour Review. Sponsored by the Labour Information Centre
Squatters resist eviction By Bill Mason BRISBANE — A group of young unemployed and homeless squatters have barricaded themselves inside an abandoned West End Housing Commission house to prevent the state government evicting them.
Sydney demo on jobs crisis By Michael Tardif SYDNEY — Students, workers and the unemployed will demonstrate on April 28 against the federal government's approach to the unemployment crisis. The Cross Campus Education Network, which
National day of action against skyrail By Lynda Hansen BRISBANE — April 11 was a national day of action against the proposed construction of a skyrail from Cairns to Kuranda in Queensland's far north. Activists here from the Queensland


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