As President Donald Trump delivered his expected announcement in June 1 of withdrawing the United States from Paris climate agreement, environmental group 350.org laid out steps for an energised people's movement that could “rise up like never before” and stop the anti-science White House from destroying the planet.

Aid and family planning

By Kath Gelber

Should Australian overseas aid be linked to the promotion of family planning programs? According to Senator Brian Harradine, never. His anti-contraception, anti-abortion, anti-family planning, anti-sex

Martin Hayes
Martin Hayes
Green Linnet Records through GLD Music
Reviewed by Gail Lord

Its superb clarity makes this self-titled CD easy on the ears, but after albums and concerts of robust Irish music I had to listen to it three times to

By Lisa Macdonald

Those of us active in radical politics are encountering postmodernism everywhere we turn. But whether it is postindustrialism or post-Fordism in economics, post-structuralism in philosophy or post-feminism in women's

A summit of New Guinea Islands premiers held in the West New Britain capital of Kimbe on April 7 to discuss greater autonomy from the Papua New Guinean government ended with no definite resolution on the question of secession. The meeting did decide

By Paul Walker

Two NATO air strikes on April 11 and 12 failed to halt the drive by Serb forces against the besieged Bosnian enclave of Gorazde. The two US-led air strikes did no more than destroy a few tanks and troop transports, and seemed more

By Tim E. Stewart

DARWIN — 150 people attended a twilight public meeting called here by the NT Environment Centre on April 14, to discuss the controversial issue of Darwin Harbour development.

Speakers from the Environment Centre and the

Interview with Rodney Croome

By ruling that Tasmania's anti-gay laws violate human rights, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has made a historic decision with global implications. The decision, made public on April 11, was that the

By John Nebauer

BRISBANE — Just three days before the release of the Criminal Justice Commission report into the death of Aboriginal dancer Daniel Yock in police custody on November 7, another Aborigine died in police custody here.

Observer describes Salvadoran election

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — Fraud on a massive scale disrupted the recent elections in El Salvador, Dr Coral Wynter, a member of an independent delegation of Australian observers, told a fundraising


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