As President Donald Trump delivered his expected announcement in June 1 of withdrawing the United States from Paris climate agreement, environmental group 350.org laid out steps for an energised people's movement that could “rise up like never before” and stop the anti-science White House from destroying the planet.

Crusade: The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War
By Rick Atkinson
Harper Collins, 1994. 504 pp. $39.95
Reviewed by Paul Hemphill

In the disturbing documentary The Panama Deception, one of the very few instances of wry humour related to

New Tasmanian political party

HOBART — "Make more room at the trough — the Extremely Greedy 40% Extra Party is here!", says the first press release of Tasmania's newest political party.

The Extremely Greedy 40% Extra Party has 200

More subtle these days
"A quarter of a century ago the Australians who came here came in battle dress. They now come dressed for business." — Prime Minister Keating in Vietnam.

"The resignations of cabinet members Graham Richardson

Robocop 3
Starring Robert Burke and Nancy Allen
Reviewed by Arun Pradhan

It's Fred Nile's dream come true: clean, safe, crime-free "Delta city". The advert for Delta city rings joyfully across the cinema with images of Mummy and Daddy, their

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — Angry public servants in what is left of South Africa's discredited system of ethnic "homelands" are continuing to press their demands militantly. Workers in the health services of KwaZulu, Transkei, Lebowa and

Greenslopes picket

By John Nebauer

BRISBANE — About 40 people attended a picket outside the Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital on April 16 to protest against plans to close parts of the facility and privatise the remainder.

The picket

Increased danger from ultraviolet radiation

Leaked research from a top laboratory of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States indicates that sun-screens may not provide protection from excessive ultraviolet radiation (UV-B)

By John Pilger

For Australians, the genocide in East Timor, one of the century's great crimes, is especially disturbing. In the Sydney street where I grew up in the years following the second world war were several "diggers" who had fought the

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — Many people in the international left and labour movements were impressed last year to see and read a new English-language publication from Moscow — Russian Labour Review. Sponsored by the Labour Information Centre


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