Three times in recent months, a Honduran woman named Alma went to US officials at the border between Reynosa, Mexico and Hidalgo, Texas, to ask for asylum for herself and her three children. She had fled Honduras because her other child had been killed by gang members, and she brought documentation to prove it.

But three times she was told by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that she would have to wait in Mexico. In February, the family was kidnapped.

After weeks of arm-twisting reluctant members and backroom negotiations, House Republicans voted Thursday to pass the much-maligned, "astonishingly evil" American Healthcare Act (AHCA), known as Trumpcare.

The next offering from Brisbane's Sitting Duck Folk Club is Peter Hicks, returning on March 27 to his native Queensland (born in Chinchilla in 1964), from his present home of Sydney.

Peter has made a significant impact on the national folk scene

By Dave Riley

BRISBANE — There's land for sale at Forest Lake. On the outskirts of Brisbane's south-west, you too can settle in "the living forest" and pick up a piece of the continent for as little as $35,000 — or $78,000 if you are after

That's History — Ephemera Forever — An ephemerist is a collector of the sort of material most people would assign to the rubbish. But ephemerists are convinced that the debris of contemporary life offers a detailed record of the times we live in.

By Maureen Baker

PERTH — "Kids swept from streets" was the headline on a recent edition of a community newspaper. Operation Sweep was launched by police on January 2 and has operated from 8pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday nights for seven of

VIVIENNE PORZSOLT of Green Left Weekly spoke to Amos Wollin, an Israeli political commentator, on the Israeli response to the massacre at the Ibrahimi Mosque.

"In large numbers, Israelis have said they understand the murderer", Wollin reported.

SA bill to overhaul IR

By Melanie Sjoberg

ADELAIDE — The Industrial and Employees Relations Bill, being introduced into state parliament this month, is predicted to generate the biggest overhaul of the industrial relations system since

Toxic waste plan for SA

By Anthony Thirlwall

ADELAIDE — South Australia could be the site of Australia's first high-temperature toxic waste incinerator.

The state Liberal government has revealed that the Environmental Protection

Time to end the profits blow-out

"Companies don't invest in new projects for the public interest or the national good, they do it if they think the project will make a quid", notes Australian industrial correspondent Peter Wilson, in response to


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