Three times in recent months, a Honduran woman named Alma went to US officials at the border between Reynosa, Mexico and Hidalgo, Texas, to ask for asylum for herself and her three children. She had fled Honduras because her other child had been killed by gang members, and she brought documentation to prove it.

But three times she was told by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that she would have to wait in Mexico. In February, the family was kidnapped.

After weeks of arm-twisting reluctant members and backroom negotiations, House Republicans voted Thursday to pass the much-maligned, "astonishingly evil" American Healthcare Act (AHCA), known as Trumpcare.

By Emma Webb There is a view amongst a section of the green movement that Australian immigration levels must be slashed. The idea that solving Australia's environmental crisis means closing off our borders from the rest of the world is a
By Nadine Behan CANBERRA — After 20 years and numerous attempts, it seems the Australian National University may be no closer to demolishing the controversial Old Lennox House. Used as low-cost student accommodation since the late '60s, Old
Fred is a loser Nile saves the world! Apparently that's the headline this self-proclaimed "morals crusader" would prefer. But his latest antics only confirm popular opinion of him as an antiquated, reactionary bigot. Last week Fred Nile
By John Tomlinson [A response to the Committee on Employment Opportunities report, Restoring Full Employment, released in December.] The Committee on Employment Opportunities is made up of four senior Commonwealth bureaucrats, two
Exports poison workers In a report released last week, Greenpeace revealed that waste car batteries from Australia, the US and Britain exported to Third World countries are reprocessed in deplorable conditions. Visiting lead acid battery
By Frank Enright SYDNEY — As the 1994 Rugby League season got under way, players, through their union, registered their first dispute with the clubs in the Industrial Relations Commission. On March 17 the commission declared that a dispute
Greens' results PERTH — The Greens (WA) polled 8.36% in the March 12 Fremantle by-election, a gain of 1.6% compared to the last federal election. In some booths the vote for the Greens was as high as 17%. Labor candidate Carmen Lawrence
No corn whiskey required The Tinkers: Traditional Irish and American Music Cassette available from Tim Meyen (06) 230 2504, or Sean Kenan (06) 2470 294 Reviewed by Denis Kevans If music means timing, then this tape by the Tinkers, which


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