East Timor 1942-1992: A Retrospective Photographic Exhibition Curated by Oliver Strewe and Jenny Groves Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Bondi Beach 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until March 6 Reviewed by Jill Hickson This wonderful display, presented by
PETER CAMEJO is chairperson of Earth Trade, a San Francisco-based import/export company specialising in environmentally sustainable development. He will be a featured guest speaker at the International Green Left Conference from March 31 to April 4
Cuba solidarity night By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Cuban people are facing the economic crisis confronting the revolution, known as the "special period", with strength and innovation, Roberto Jorquera, Latin American solidarity activist,
Schindler's List Directed by Steven Spielberg Screenplay by Steven Zaillian Reviewed by Jon Land This film traces the remarkable story of Oskar Schindler and his efforts to save some 1100 Polish Jews from the Nazi Holocaust. Adapted from
Bougainville By Brandon Astor Jones Yellow Cake, Yellow Cake Where have you been? I've been asleep in the ground Not part of the scene. But now I'm awake, I can sing, I can shout, Innuendo, Crescendo, As to what it's all
By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — Quarantine and food quality issues have been cast aside in the latest round of cuts to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. On February 14, management released a proposed structure to staff which chopped
By Tom Kelly A worker using a wooden stick presses plastic bundles into a hopper, where it melts into a grey mass. The plastic is mixed with a colouring agent and tipped into a moulding machine, where it is formed into coat hangers. Nearby,
By Frank Enright "The company's intention to extend the further utilisation of supplementaries [casuals] at the expense of permanent employees is yet a further example of the confrontationist tactics and policies within the stevedoring industry
All relative "There is no democracy in preselection , and we need to democratise our party ... we need a more broad-based selection committee who will look at people not because they are someone's relative but because they deserve it." — NSW
By Craig Cormick Based on highly reliably international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Norfolk Island


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