There was no morphine in the first-aid kit; no protection for Snowden against the pain but the numbing shock of the wound itself. The twelve syrettes of morphine had been stolen from their case and replaced by a cleanly lettered note that said:
French people oppose Pacific N-tests A new opinion poll in France shows a majority oppose any resumption of nuclear testing in the South Pacific. The poll also shows an overwhelming number believe the French military should not be responsible
Screen — A preview of the Melbourne and Sydney film festivals. ABC Radio National, Thurs June 3, 10.05 a.m. and 8.05 p.m. Under the Rainbow — 1973's Aquarius festival at Nimbin in northern NSW attracted more than 10,000 people. Part two
Major NSW environment groups have expressed serious concerns about the content of the environmental section of the official Sydney Olympic bid. Sid Walker, executive officer of the Nature Conservation Council, the umbrella group for the NSW
Midnight Oil on tour Midnight Oil and Things of Stone and Wood At Wollongong University, May 25 Reviewed by Paul Conrad Midnight Oil, along with Melbourne support band Things of Stone and Wood, played at Wollongong University for two
Ice T's gangster style Home Invasion Available on cassette and CD Distributed by Virgin Records Reviewed by John-Paul Nassif Ice T, the "nigga that won't be silenced", has released a new rap album with which to upset the pigs, the
By Adam Hanieh and Norm Dixon ADELAIDE — Offices of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) have been raided and leading members arrested. Green Left Weekly spoke with Pumla Thoboti, an executive member of the Australasian branch of the Pan
Minson backs down PERTH — Environment minister Kevin Minson has had to retreat from his attempt to sack three Environmental Protection Authority members. Norm Halse, John Bailey and Christine Sharp are part-time members of the EPA. On
ADELAIDE — "No Means No" is the theme of a rally organised to protest against the closure of the Rape Crisis Centre. The rally will be outside the ALP Council meeting at the United Trades and Labor Council, South Terrace, from 6 p.m. on
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — According to an old saying, a man's home is his castle. However, a recent study conducted in the Westernport region of Victoria shows that, for many women, sexual harassment makes home a place of insecurity
$8 per week: don't hold your breath In April, the ACTU Executive decided that now was not the right time to lodge a claim for the $8 per week so-called safety net wage rise "promised" under Accord Mark VII. According to the ACTU, the high
By Franois Vercammen The dramatic crisis of the European Community in the summer months of 1992 has stimulated a series of Europe-wide initiatives by the left opposed to the capitalist vision of a united Europe embodied in the Maastricht
Rosemarie Gillespie, campaigner for human rights in Bougainville, was arrested by NSW police as she travelled through Tarcutta en route to Canberra from Melbourne on May 27. Police have laid charges relating to her possession of urgently needed
Facts on Broadside I would like to correct some misstatements of fact in the broad-brush criticisms of Broadside made by Liam Mitchell in a letter (GLW 19/5/93), without wanting to defend the failings of the Broadside project. Liam uses
Paul Foot leaves Mirror By Frank Noakes LONDON — Respected journalist and author Paul Foot has quit the Daily Mirror after writing a weekly page for 13 years. Foot, a member of the British Socialist Workers Party since 1962,
Buying back the bush By Victoria Templeton For years friends visiting Tasmania have looked wistfully at areas of untouched loveliness and said, "You know, we should all get together and buy some of this land, while it's still here, and


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