Socialist Alliance WA

This event is an Introduction to Socialist Alliance and a discussion on Capitalism and Racism

An introduction to the policies and activities of the Socialist Alliance for new and prospective members. The Boorloo Activist Centre is only a minute from McIver station.

The ALP have won a landslide victory at the election, but their commitment to neoliberalism means they still put profits ahead of workers rights, justice and the environment.
Green Left presents this screening of Women Of Steel, Saturday 15th May 5pm at the Boorloo Activist Centre Perth! ---
Due to the lottery of birth, some people live in the richer with less than a quarter of the world’s population but 80% of its wealth. Meanwhile 80% of humanity lives in countries with only 20% of the world's income to share between them.

Millions of people have taken to the streets to resist the October 25 coup. While the dictator Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in December 2019, conservative forces forces and military generals want to turn back the clock. However the Sudanese people are determined to push the revolution forward. Hear from Khalid Hassan, a long-time member of the Sudanese Communist Party and a founding member of the Democratic Consciousness Forum, a Perth-based Sudanese community organisation.

It is increasingly obvious that capitalism is incompatible with social justice, action on climate change and economic justice. But what would a post-capitalist society look like, and how do we get there?

A discussion about AUKUS, the nuclear submarine deal, the danger to peace and the environment, and the austerity it will cause. There will be light refreshments and snacks served.

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