Paul Gregoire

map of africa

Paul Gregoire argues that against the backdrop of efforts by the West and Israel to undermine the post World War II global order, the people’s revolt in West Africa takes on global significance.

Minns has turned his back on the LGBTIQ community.

New South Wales Premier is reportedly watering down a bill to ban gay conversion therapy after pressure from the new NSW Faith Affairs Council. Paul Gregoire reports. 

pill testing can save lives

New research into drug-related deaths at music festivals found that 64 people died across the country from July 2000 until the end of 2019. Paul Gregoire reports.

At least 340 healthcare workers have been slain, mainly in the line of duty, by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip. Paul Gregoire reports on a healthcare workers' vigil in Liverpool.

South Africa's case against Israel in the International Court of Justice could be one route to end the hot war in Gaza. But, as Paul Gregoire writes, politics will decide — a reason to keep mobilising.

Foreign fighter laws aim to prevent Australians fighting alongside Hamas and Hezbollah, but Australians can and have joined the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza. Paul Gregoire reports.

Gunnai Gunditjmara and Djab Wurrung woman Senator Lidia Thorpe's bill to enshrine First Peoples’ rights across all new laws was voted down. Paul Gregoire reports. 

Paul Gregoire spoke to Disrupt Burrup Hubs’s Gerard Mazza about the ABC’s betrayal of its code, the dangerous Woodside gas project and why the group is being made out to be terrorists.

Australians for War Powers Reform is calling for greater transparency after the defence minister announced more troops had been sent to an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Paul Gregoire reports. 

New figures from Redfern Legal Centre show a shocking number of children are being strip searched by NSW Police. Paul Gregoire reports.

While Labor Premier Chris Minns has announced a new depenalisation scheme, he has pulled back from Labor's bolder decriminalisation ideas floated before the election. Paul Gregoire reports.


Flags of the Sahel

What has been dubbed a second decolonisation process is occurring right now in Africa’s Sahel, reports Paul Gregoire.