‘Fuck the patriarchy’ — protesters at a Sydney International Women’s Day march in March, 2020

The Labor government has introduced new bills aiming to eliminate gender-based violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The gender pay gap — a measurement of gender equality in the workplace — is growing.

Refugee activists gathered on World Refugee Day to call for permanent protection for refugees and an end to the country’s racist and cruel migration policies.

Asylum! A socialist view of the refugee crisis — is a timely pamphlet that provides an overview of the current refugee crisis.

Researchers in Britain and refugees in Australia condemned the new offensive against refugees in Britain and across Europe.

Unionists and refugee activists gathered at the State Library to show solidarity with refugees who continue to be denied safety and security.

Refugee rights protesters gathered outside the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation to demand the detainees’ freedom. Chris Slee, AV and Chloe DS report.

Several hundred people protested to free the refugees imprisoned in the Park Hotel and Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation prisons.