Youth Cultural Dissent


Youth Cultural Dissent

By Taryne Laffar

PERTH — For a young person, trying to escape the mainstream culture thrust upon us, is difficult. Now Cultural Dissent has given us a chance to express our own music, literature, poetry, film and art.

On Saturday September 25 a Youth Cultural Dissent was held at the old Gasworks space here. More than 70 people turned up to this fundraiser for Green Left Weekly. There was no consumerist, mass-produced art and culture. Most of the 12 acts were political, and refused to bow to the pressures of the mainstream.

The event not only gave an insight into alternative youth culture, but also revealed youth conscious of both social and environmental justice issues. It also introduced Green Left Weekly to many new readers.

An original, non-conformist band — Stump Mittens — played a diverse range of music. Poetry ranged over environmental issues, the struggles of people around the globe and the experience of being a gay person today. Dissident artists expressed both humour and heartfelt pain to bring their messages and experiences to the audience.

There were women singing about revolution and liberation and young people playing acoustic guitars, singing radical and potent lyrics. The atmosphere filled with excitement and unity when the audience joined in with the performers.

In late October there will be a Women's Cultural Dissent in Perth. Women are invited to perform, and all are invited to attend. The organisers of Cultural Dissent here hope to make these events a regular feature of Perth's alternative cultural scene.