Write On: letters to the editor

Cartoon by Stephanie McMillan.

McKillop’s real miracle

For those of us in solidarity with East Timor, now Timor Leste, the real miracle is the work of Mary McKillop East Timor, with its people, notably Sr Josephine Mitchell and Sr Susan Conelly. They and others in MMET have done miracles in literacy in Timor, honouring the indigenous Tetum language.

As well as the Cuban doctors, these people have done real good in Timor Leste. Contrast that with the Gillard Labor government, twisting arms to open a detention centre there. That is after Howard and company took as much of its oil as it could get away with.

We congratulate the Josephite nuns of Mary McKillop East Timor for the everyday miracles they perform in Timor Leste.

Stephen Langford
NSW sectetary, Australia East Timor Association
Paddington, NSW

A real Nobel prize winner

The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to Julian Assange of WikiLeak fame. Last year's recipient Barack Obama should hand his back to the Stockholm mob out of moral conviction and they should hand it over to Julian.

Julian has done more in educating our humanity about our inhumanity than all the presidents and prime ministers of our world. At great risk to himself, he has released hundreds of thousands of secretly acquired documents from such institutions as the Pentagon.

Recently, he has released 40,000 documents depicting the unjustifiable horror and cruelty inflicted by the US military and CIA in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

The US military and many of its so-called coalition partners are guilty of horrendous inhumanity let alone numerous war crimes. The disgraceful Barack Obama and his partner in silence Hillary Clinton had the audacity to front the world media and declare that Julian Assange should not have acquired and released this information.

If only there were more people like Julian Assange.

Our tenuous hold on our unfolding human rights language depends on people such as Julian Assange. I often contemplate that the discovery of truth is often outstripped by our ability to manifest deceit. Julian is person of honour and our politicians, all who remain silent, reek of shame.

Gerry Georgatos
Harrisdale, WA


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