World Cuba Solidarity Conference


HAVANA — The World Cuba Solidarity Meeting wound up on November 25, after five days of debates, speeches and the work of different commissions. The final declaration of this unprecedented event stated:

"... we 3072 participants representing 109 countries of five continents and five regional and international organisations, who take part in the World Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, declare that defending Cuba's sovereign right to work for a destiny in accordance with its needs and historic process, without interference, means defending the right to choose from a plurality of roads in the face of political and economic dogmas that are being imposed worldwide.

"In our work sessions and in direct contact with the people, we have once again confirmed that, at the same time that Cuba is denied the possibility to trade freely with the rest of the world and all its efforts to rebuild its economy are being hindered, the Cuban reality is systematically falsely represented and distorted in an unprecedented propaganda campaign.

"We have verified with our own eyes the cruel effects of the blockade on the lives of the Cuban people. That is why we insist that the United States government heed the demands of vast sectors of world public opinion and the General Assembly of the United Nations to put an end to that unjustifiable measure that has lasted for more than 30 years now.

"We have also been able to confirm the Cuban people's morale and will to resist as well as their determination to preserve their social achievements. We return to our countries even more convinced of the need to continue working for the Cuban cause.

"Cuba's gallant voice speaks out in favour of the forsaken, the dispossessed, the outcasts, the helpless ...

"Our World Solidarity event took place as Cuba and all of Latin America prepare to commemorate the centennial of Jose Marti's death in battle. Marti was always aware of the importance of Cuba's independence struggle, both for the fate of what he called 'Our America' and for achieving 'world balance' ...

"The blockade against Cuba must cease!

"Cuba's inalienable right to build its own future must be respected!"

The meeting declared 1995 the International Year of Jose Marti and for the Struggle Against the Blockade. May 19, 1995, the centennial of Marti's death in combat, will be celebrated in various ways by the solidarity movements in each country.

October 10 will be marked as World Day of Solidarity with Cuba. Priority activities in coming months include continuing and increasing economic aid campaigns, extending the solidarity movement and promoting exchanges, visits to Cuba, tourism and investments in Cuba's economy.
[Radio Havana via Pegasus.]

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