Women take action against sexual assault

Photo: Joseph Lichstein

A well-supported action against gendered violence and sexual assault, organised by the Geelong Women Unionist Network (GWUN) on February 27, drew around 100 women and supporters. It was Geelong’s second March4Justice protest.

The protest marched from Geelong Trades Hall to the Malop Street Mall where Labor MP for Corangamite Libby Coker and Australian Services Union delegate and Socialist Alliance Senate candidate Angela Carr gave powerful speeches about the need for action.

They highlighted the federal government’s failure to act on measures to end violence and sexual assault in the workplace, in the home and in communities.

Adele Welsh, GWUN co-convenor, asked for a minute of silence to honour the women and children who had been murdered by a current or former partner. The rally ended with the powerful Chilean women’s protest chant “A Rapist in your Path” outside Coalition Senator Sarah Henderson’s office.