Vyborg workers defeat state militia


Vyborg workers defeat state militia

In July and October, armed police units called "Typhoon" and bosses' mercenaries in the Leningrad region of Russia failed to take military control of the Vyborg pulp and paper mill from the workers' who have been occupying — and operating — it since early last year.

The modern mill, worth US$500 million, was sold by the Russian government for $4 million. The new owners immediately threatened to sack most of the workers.

The occupying workers have been paying themselves for running the mill out of its profits. They have organised defence units and have armed worker-guards.

In the 11-hour battle with police on October 14, two workers were seriously injured. Since then, an armed unit of army veterans of the Afghan war from nearby St Petersburg has promised that if the state attacks the workers' mill again, unit members will join the workers in armed battle.