Update on the New World Order


Update on the New World Order

Remember the peace and security that were supposed to be brought about by George Bush's New World Order (plus the "death of communism")? In the last few days, two series of events have demonstrated in practice what the New World Orderers have in store for us.

In the Middle East, United States Air Force units have been authorised by Bush to fly into Iraq, raising the prospect of further military attacks on that already ruined country.

The pretext is Saddam Hussein's alleged interference with UN inspectors engaged in trying to find and dismantle "weapons of mass destruction" already destroyed in the Gulf War — when they weren't US propaganda inventions in the first place. The Iraqi government has tried to exclude the inspectors flying over parts of Baghdad, using aerial photography or conducting their searches without the attendance of Iraqi officials — reportedly because Saddam fears a US attempt to assassinate him.

It is ludicrous to suggest that Iraq, where the entire infrastructure has been systematically destroyed and large parts of the population are malnourished, is a military threat to anyone.

What Bush is really up to is maximising the humiliation of Iraq and the suffering of its people, as a warning to other Third World countries not to displease Washington. In particular, it is a warning to the oil-producing states of the Middle East, underlined by the signing of a 10-year military pact with Kuwait that will allow US troops access to ports and storage of US military equipment in Kuwait.

At the same time, the governments of Western Europe are openly toying with the idea of military intervention in the war that the Serbian regime in Belgrade has launched against Croatia.

Anyone who thinks that such intervention would be intended to benefit the embattled Croatians need only recall that the Serbian advance is made possible primarily by those same European governments, which have blocked arms supplies to Croatia, allowed the "Yugoslav" army to buy what it likes, and refused even to recognise the independence for which the Croatian people have voted overwhelmingly. If the European "Community" does intervene, it will be to ensure that Croatian independence consists of nothing but the "freedom" to be exploited by the European branch of New World Order Inc.

In truth, it is not easy to find many significant differences between the New World Order and the preceding old world disorder, aside from an increased disarray in the ranks of those who oppose both. To start overcoming that disarray, we should be placing some clear demands on the Hawke government: to oppose continued US military involvement in the Middle East, and to give immediate diplomatic recognition to Croatia, Slovenia and any of the other Yugoslav republics that request it.

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