Tug-of-War of the Titans

Perth & Fremantle


12:00pm Tuesday 11 August


Parliament House
4 Harvest Tce
West Perth WA 6005


XRWA Grandparents welcome our politicians’ return to parliament with a Tug-of-War between the fossil fools and concerned citizens led by the XRWA Grandparents.

This mighty street theatre battle is aimed at one of our greatest problems: so many of our politicians are either climate change deniers or so in the pocket of the big fossil fuel conglomerates and associated Murdoch media that they are unwilling or too scared to do the right thing which is to bring us as quickly as possible to a renewable energy future.

This is a massive Tug-of-War with our politicians in the middle being pulled towards the old gods - the Fossil Fool Titans, and the new gods - the Olympians of Renewable Energy.

This will be a non-confrontational, fun event in front of Parliament House.

Come along, support us and join the fun!

Boo and cheer as the Fossil Fools and Renewable Heroes battle it out in a fight for our future!