TJ campaign continues


The third anniversary of the death of Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey will be on February 14. TJ was impaled on a metal fence while being chased by Redfern police. Had police followed proper medical practices, it is likely that TJ would have survived.

Following his death, a cover-up began by the then-premier, Labor's Bob Carr, police commissioner Ken Moroney and the NSW police force.

Two events have been organised by the Indigenous Social Justice Association and the Socialist Alliance to commemorate the anniversary. A public meeting will be held on February 7 at the Boomali Aboriginal Art Centre, 55 Flood St, Leichhardt, and a rally on February 14 at 10.30am at the fenceline where TJ was killed (near the corner of George and Philips Streets, Waterloo).

Bowie Hickey told Green Left Weekly that the anniversary was a day for mourning "all black deaths in custody" and to struggle for "justice for everyone". "We can't rest until we get a little bit of justice", she said.

Queensland Aboriginal activist Sam Watson will attend both events and will bring a message of solidarity from the campaign for justice for Mulrunji. For more information, phone Ray Jackson on 0415 858 264.