Tibet: Protests met with violence


In Chinese-occupied Tibet, the largest protests for self determination for over two decades was met with violent repression on March 14, with reports of up to 100 people killed. The British-based Free Tibet campaign released a statement on March 14 that strongly condemned "the use of force by the Chinese authorities in their attempts to put down protests by Tibetans ..."

"The protests result from the resentment felt deeply by the Tibetan people at decades of state repression", the statement argued. Anne Holmes of Free Tibet Campaign said the protesters "are risking imprisonment and torture to voice their longing for self determination. The world must listen and demand that China negotiate a peaceful solution."

In Sydney, a March 15 protest by 90 Tibetan supporters occurred outside the Chinese embassy. The protest was attacked by police who used capsicum spray on the demonstrators, four of whom were arrests.