Tent Embassy tour


The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is undertaking a statewide speaking tour from late July into August. Aboriginal elders will address community meetings to discuss the history, recent developments and future of Aboriginal political action.

Since the embassy was founded in 1972 on the lawns of the old parliament building in Canberra, it has spearheaded campaigns which are central to Aboriginal political action: for the recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty, to highlight the genocide committed by the white establishment against Aboriginal people, for informed consent, and the struggle for land rights. It has been an embarrassing reminder to conservatives of the national shame that still shrouds the country.

This year, the federal government and police have attacked and threatened the embassy. However, the embassy has countered with coordinated legal action.

Following the legal battle last year, when Aboriginal nations charged John Howard, Brian Harradine, Tim Fischer and Pauline Hanson with perpetuating genocidal policies, many similar charges have been laid. Victorian premier Jeff Kennett and the mining company at Roxby Downs in South Australia are among those charged with genocide.

The Aboriginal elders will be addressing these and other issues. The speaking tour is part of a campaign to meet and inform all people in this country and promote a vision for the future based on peace and freedom.

The tour organisers are asking people interested in organising meetings with or hearing the embassy speakers to contact them. You can phone Natasha at the National Union of Students NSW branch on 02 9267 4462, or e-mail <enviro_nsw@hotmail.com>, or phone Andrew in Wollongong on 02 4221 420, or e-mai1 <adstan@hotmail.com>.

The speakers will be in Sydney from August 4 to 10. Meetings in rural NSW and Brisbane can be planned around these dates.