Sydney to rally against fear and racism


PM Tony Abbott's desire to sign Australia up to the “coalition of the killing”, currently dropping bombs over northern Syria, is a gamble that current levels of fear and Islamophobia will indemnify his government.

But there is significant opposition to war and racism to challenge the racism and fear, and a coalition of groups, unions and political parties are organising a rally in Sydney on September 19 to highlight that.

The rally, starting at 1.30pm at Sydney Town Hall has been endorsed by Unions NSW, Arab Council Australia, Unions for Refugees, Islamophobia Watch Australia, Maritime Union of Australia — Sydney Branch, NTEU New South Wales, The Greens NSW, Socialist Alliance, Latin American Social Forum, Solidarity, Indigenous Social Justice Association (Sydney), Refugee Action Coalition Sydney, Voices Against Bigotry and March Australia-Sydney.

Speakers include Ken Canning (Indigenous activist and poet), Lydia Shelly (Vice-President, Islamophobia Register Australia) and Dr Mehreen Faruqi (NSW Greens). Join the Facebook event at COMMUNITIES UNITED RALLY against fear and racism, for diversity and multiculturalism.

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