Sustainable films at Sydney Film Festival

Carbon footprints, melting icecaps and ecological disasters — the hot-button issue of the century is explored in a series of films that focus on sustainability at the Sydney Film Festival.

No Impact Man documents the journey of a Manhattan family's one year experiment in zero impact, carbon-free living. Big River Man follows Slovenian Martin Strel who swims the entire length of the Amazon to highlight pollution in the world.

The Cove investigates the dolphin capture trade in a small Japanese village. Crude examines the action indigenous Amazonians initiate in what becomes a 13-year legal battle with petro-chemical giant Chevron.

The Burning Season looks at Australian entrepreneur Dorjee Sun and his carbon credit scheme that could extinguish the Indonesian 'burning season" and Food Inc. is an eye-popping documentary that reveals the truth about what we are eating.

The Sydney Film Festival runs June 3-14. For information and bookings visit