Students killed in Indonesia


Two students have been reported killed during demonstrations against public transport fare increases in the city of Makassar on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Students from the Muslim University of Indonesia in Makassar began a demonstration on April 25. The demonstration was attacked by units of the armed forces, who chased students into the campus and beat them whenever they were caught.

The demonstrations continued, however, on other campuses, including the Hasanuddin State University, the University of the Veterans of the Republic, the Paulus Teacher Training Institute and the Unjungpandang Education Foundation. The demonstrations lasted two days and halted all public transport.

The Makassar Students Union and the State University of Hasanuddin Students Solidarity reported to the National Human Rights Commission the deaths of at least two students and the hospitalisation of many others. The newspaper Suara Pembaruan reported a total of 82 students hospitalised in three different hospitals, almost all with head injuries.