Stolen children remembered


Songlines of a Mutti Mutti Man

Produced by Ilbijerri Theatre

Devised by the Edwards Family Collective

Directed by Kylie Belling

Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall

May 26-31

Bookings 03 9639 0096

The stories of the Stolen Generations can outrage, astound, amaze and also inspire many Australians who have been kept ignorant about the situation for the Indigenous people of this country.

Arguably these stories continue to be marginalised, placed outside the narrative of Australian history, resisted by the powerful for what they might unleash. "Sorry" was certainly a start, but the question of justice looms large over the much-publicised Rudd government's apology in February this year.

The twelve children of Nugget and Mary Edwards from Balranald, NSW were all part of the Stolen Generations. Mick, Maria, Kutcha, Dave and Reg Edwards are some of those who have survived the kidnapping and institutionalisation of Indigenous children. Ilbijerri Theatre, st up in 1990 and one of the country's oldest Indigenous theatre companies, set up in 1990 is presenting Songlines of a Mutti Mutti Man, the story of the Edwards family.

Part of Ilbijerri Theatre's mission is to facilitate a dialogue between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and the theatre's audiences. Songlines of a Mutti Mutti Man promises to be a powerful illustration of this mission. See it for a glimpse into just some of the stories about Indigenous people in this country and why "sorry" is only the beginning.