Something different

Wednesday, August 14, 1996

If you are one of the new readers who picked up this newspaper at the August 19 day of action against the Coalition government's attacks on our rights and living standards, then welcome to Green Left Weekly.

This is a special anti-budget issue of Green Left, carrying information and comment about the slash and burns policies of the Howard government and, more importantly, what we can do to stop this madness.

Green Left Weekly is in its sixth year of production, and as the name suggests, it doesn't limit itself to special occasions. GLW is published and distributed every week with the aim of helping collaboration between the left and the green forces in Australia, carrying information about how ordinary people can bring about extraordinary change by acting collectively to change the world.

Green Left reports and comments on the news in a way that the mainstream press won't. While the establishment press represents the views of Packer, Murdoch and their corporate cronies, Green Left Weekly remains independent, not tied to big business sponsorship, but funded by its cover price and donations from supporters.

Because of this independence, Green Left can accurately report on events both within Australia and around the globe. Each week, a wide range of news and issues is covered, including information on the environment, feminism, social justice, economics, political theory and world current affairs.

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