Socialist Alliance to preference Greens in Marrickville

Lead Socialist Alliance candidate for Wali (north ward) in the Marrickville council elections, Pip Hinman.

Socialist Alliance has announced its preferences for the Wali (North) ward of Marrickville Council in the local government elections on September 8.

Community activists Pip Hinman, Josie Evans and Jill Hickson will contest the election with the platform of “Power to the people!” and “Community and environment before developers’ profits”.

Although New South Wales has an optional preferential system for local government elections, Socialist Alliance will allocate preferences to all candidates in the ward.

“We are giving our first preference to the Greens as we share many goals including the need to stop coal seam gas and for more accountability in council,” said lead candidate Pip Hinman.

“We also want to indicate our total abhorrence for the far-right politics of Sergio Redegalli by placing him last.” Redegalli, infamous for his “Say No to Burqas” mural in Newtown, is running as an Independent in Wali ward.

“The very real prospect of an Abbott-led federal government next year makes it so much more important to have socialists in local government,” said Hinman.

“The Liberal Newman government in Queensland shows how fast the attacks on our rights will be under a federal Abbott government: cuts to services for the most vulnerable in society, penny-pinching cutbacks to health and education, and attacks on workers’ rights.

“However bad Labor has been in government, the Liberals will be worse. That is why we are putting the Liberals below Labor.”


Pip, there you go again with the B.S.
You love making up stories Pip, I am far from being a "Right" winger Pip. I see myself as an individual with a centre political stand; it is that you have moved so far to the furthest of the wacko LEFT that you cannot understand anything that is normal.
However I do stand for FREDOM OF EXPRESSION, and so that even includes you and your far left violent activities that you personally stand behind in the gutless shadows of your feral friends.
Pip, keep calling me as many names as you like, keep getting your "goons” to vandalise my personal property, I will just keep arresting the one I feel like, and re painting the Murals as many times as needed.
Anytime you want to have a real debate about any subject Pip, bring it on, just remember that you better be very well read, well educated, factual about your information.
For the record, you stand for the support of Full Face covering / Burqas & Niqab.
Thus you support the following Pip
1- That women are half the value of a man
2- That democracy is evil and that human law is evil.
3- You support an ideology that thinks that Gays have no place in our society.
4- You support a dualist social system, that one group is better than another.
5- You support that one totalitarian political religious cult is allowed to dominate the World.
6- You support Female Genital Mutilation.
7- You support honour killings of young women.
8- You have proven by your actions that you support violence at any cost.
People like you Pip, need to be made accountable for the verbal bullshit you go on about.
Sergio Redegalli

As a Green, this is great to hear. It's really important that the left work together, particularly with Abbott likely to become PM, which would be a total disaster for all of us - just look at what Campbell Newman is doing in Queensland.

I was really shocked to hear that Sergio is running in north ward, and even worse, claiming to represent "equality" and the environment. His willingness to associate with the Australian Protectionist Party, and his push to "ban the burqa" - which would only mean that some Muslim women would be confined to their homes - demonstrate his complete lack of understanding of what equality means. And that's a generous interpretation.

It's really important that all the progressive parties (and really even conservative parties) put Sergio and his fellow independents LAST.

Pip. Do you think that any of the other groups will take any notice of you.
I already know the outcome, and just from the record, you are not last on my list, the Greens have that honour, you maybe crazy, nevertheless you state what you believe in, you show openly that you are a communist / socialst.
Your greatest act of stupidity was that you never worked out who you were calling names at and damaging private property, then trying to link me with the APP,or any other group you dislike. Good try, but you failed.
Like I said Pip, my history on Equality, and the Enviroment can stand up against you in any debate any time Pip,
Common Pip, stop hiding behind other and take me on , One on One. or is it that Socialist like you and Mark G only "talk big" in party packs of 10 and up against one.

As viewers of the ABC TV series "Dumb, Drunk And Racist" saw, Sergio Redegalli very quickly exposes his reactionary and intimidatory politics every time he gets a chance to explain what he stands for. See:

Redegalli has had plenty of mainstream media exposure and hopes to capitalise on this. But anyone with a moral compass can quickly suss out that this is a wannabe posterboy for a nasty, racist right-wing movement that is targeting recent refugees, particuarly those of Muslim backgrounds.

See pictures of Redegalli in action with his mates from Australian Protectionist Party (APP) here:

In February this year, Redegalli joined APP members in donning the niqab for 'Burqa stunt' through the city entering/or attempting to enter various places, including law courts, pubs, NSW Parliament House and women's toilets.

This stunt was televised by Channel 7 News here:

While the APP now claims on its website that only women APP members wearing the niqab entered the women's toilets, Sergio Redegalli foolishly boasted in a Radio 2GB interview with Ben Fordham:

"While video-ing ourselves going into inappropriate locations while wearing burqas, therefore men in Burqas going into female toilets and all sorts of places it became really obvious during that event, and events, that you can't actually see when you are in those burqas... One of the guys was built like Lurch from the Addams Family, you could see his muscles rippling in the back of the burqa and we were loitering around in the city and it became really obvious that no one had the guts to come up to people in these garments and actually question what we were doing..."

Radio 2GB's Ben Fordam then asked Redegalli: "So you had blokes dressed in burqas entering women's toilets?" and he replied: "That's correct and I was one of them."

Listen to the interview here:

Now the readers of Green Left online can see for themselves how good Redegalli is at exposing himself.

In two comment posts on this article Redegali has 1) slandered Pip Hinman and the Socialist Alliance (of "getting your 'goons' to vandalise my personal property" - a clearly libelous statement with absolutely no basis in fact), 2) grossly (and ridiculously) misrepresented what the Socialist Alliance stands for, and 3) has been abusive and threatening to Pip Hinman.

“I had an idea of what Islam was but I couldn't say I had read the Koran. So then I had to go through that really difficult process of reading one of the most idiotic books ever written after Mein Kampf... If you haven't read the Koran, I suggest you do so that we know just what we are up against.”

- Sergio Redegalli addressing a public meeting in Sydney on May 12, 2012 sponsored by the anti-Islamic “Q Society of Australia Inc”. The Q Society website describes Redegalli as “our friend and prominent local artist/activist”. Larry Stillman, a leader of the Australian Jewish Democratic Society, has described the Q Society as “an active right wing, racist organisation” with links to Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party and the anti-Semitic League of Rights.

* * *

“If this sort of wording incites violence in anyone, in means that there is already a powder keg and they are going to explode no matter what?” This was how Sergio Redegalli explained on the ABC TV series Dumb, Drunk and Racist the fact that after he drove around Lakemba (a Sydney suburb with a large Muslim population) his red anti-burqa truck flying an Australian flag, the only response he incited was from a white person who stuck her thumb up and shouted: “Muslims suck!”

Redegali, was then asked why he “wanted to be the match”? His reply:

“It's better to have a controlled bush fire.”

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