Socialist Alliance Melbourne - State Election Launch



1:00pm to 4:00pm Sunday 02 October


Merlynston Progress Hall, 1 Novian St
Coburg North VIC 3058


Socialist Alliance Melbourne - State Election Launch

Sunday October 2, 1pm.

Location: Merlynston Progress Hall, 1 Novian St, Coburg North (3 min walk from Merlynston station on Upfield Line & 2 minute walk from the #534 bus stop). Lunch & bar available.

Join Sue Bolton and Arie Huygbrets and the Socialist Alliance for the launch of our State Election campaign.

We have a massive housing crisis. For most people, a house is their home. For developers, it’s an investment to make a profit.

Companies making huge profits are causing inflation by putting up prices. Billionaires and big corporations get away without paying tax.

We have an overloaded health system from the “000” call centre and ambulances to emergency departments, hospital wards and allied health.

Public schools are under-funded. Teachers are leaving because of inadequate pay, over-work and short term contracts. Many parts of Melbourne have inadequate public transport.

Corporate subsidies must be abolished with funding redirected to public health and education.

The climate crisis is gripping the world with extreme heat and cold, floods, storms and fires. We urgently need to transition to 100% renewable energy without leaving workers behind.

The energy industry must be returned to public ownership. The profits-first system is incapable of solving the climate crisis.

We need community campaigns based on social justice and solidarity to break the power of the greedy capitalists and distribute wealth more equitably and save the planet.

The campaign launch will be a great opportunity to meet supporters of the campaign, hear from our candidates and members of the community who support our candinancy.

Drinks and food will be available for purchase.

RSVP for the event: Chloe 0484 938 949 or email

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