Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 12:30

Immigration Department, 26 Lee St, Sydney
Peter Dutton must be sacked. His lie aimed at smearing refugees on Manus Island has been exposed. Last Thursday he claimed that refugees had led a five-year-old boy into the detention centre, suggesting the boy had been sexually assaulted, and that this had sparked the attack where navy officers fired on the centre. The story has been completely discredited. Dutton has been contradicted by Manus district police chief David Yapu, was said there was an unrelated incident where there was no suggestion there had been a sexual assault. Former Manus MPs Ronnie Knight said Dutton’s claim was “ridiculous”.  Join Refugee Action Coalition to demand Dutton’s sacking as Immigration Minister, the release of CCTV footage from the Manus detention centre to prove what really happened, and that the government close the Manus detention centre, evacuate the refugees and asylum seekers and #BringThemHere.
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