Save Grain on Rail

Regional WA


1:00pm to 3:00pm Monday 24 August


Kulin Recreation Centre
Kulin-Lake Grace Rd
Kulin WA 6365


During 2013 and 2014 the Western Australian Liberal State Government allowed 736km of Wheatbelt grain freight rail lines to be closed by Brookfield Rail (now Arc Infrastructure). The Railway lines are owned by the state government and are leased to Arc on a 49 year lease, which expires in 2049.

Closing railway lines has:

  • forced thousands of extra trucks onto city and rural roads
  • increased the danger on Wheatbelt roads, which already had the highest road toll in WA
  • significantly increased the consumption of fuel required to move grain to port
  • increased the cost to growers of getting grain to port
  • reduced ability to get grain to port in a timely manner
  • stranded assets (local receival sites, which are grower owned)
  • increased local and state governments costs to upgrade roads
  • increased ongoing road maintenance costs to local and state government

Support us to reopen these lines and SAVE GRAIN ON RAIL!