Rojava's feminist & ecosocialist revolution



1:00am Tuesday 24 April
12:32pm Tuesday 03 April


Rojava Revolution - why socialists support the pro-feminist, ecosocialist, multi-ethnic and democratic con-federalist revolution in northern Syria.

The Turkish government is attempting to eradicate the Kurdish-led project, but the Rojava project is surviving, albeit with the setback of the fall of Afrin. Get the latest on the situation in Afrin (now under brutal Turkish military occupation).

Find out more about this historic upsurge on the Syrian border - a feminist, eco-socialist project led by the Kurdish community who are forging a multi-ethnic project. This experiment in democracy and inclusivity is conducted on the Syrian border, where thousands of refugees are fleeing war. 

Mira Ibrahim from Afrin and Peter Boyle, Socialist Alliance and activists in Rojava Solidarity (Sydney)

April 24, 1-2pm
Sydney University, Eastern Avenue, New Law LT 104

Organised by Resistance, Young Socialist Alliance and Rojava Solidarity Sydney