Rojava: Human shields defy threats of Turkish invasion

Human shield actions in Kobane and Serekaniye near the Syria-Turkey border continue against Turkey's threats of invasion.

The people of Rojava in Northern Syria are continuing human shield actions along the Syria-Turkey border, to prevent an invasion of the region by the Turkish state.

A human shield action in the border village of Qeremox, located to the east of Kobane has been continuing for more than 40 days.

The human shields come from Kobane Canton. Representatives of political parties and civil society organisations in the region are paying solidarity visits to the actions.

In the border region of Serekaniye, a human shield action has been continuing for more than 18 days.

On a visit to the human shields in Serekaniye, co-chair of Cizire regional council of martyrs’ families, Hesen Ubeyd said on August 24 that the people of the region have made great sacrifices to liberate their lands and will mount the same resistance against Turkish invasion.

“Our regions were liberated with the blood of martyrs. We will follow in their footsteps until the martyrs’ struggle for freedom achieves its goal.”

[Abridged from ANF News.]