'Respect the Aboriginal flag!'

BRISBANE — Aboriginal rights activists rallied outside state parliament on February 23, calling for official recognition of the Aboriginal flag in Queensland's constitution. Inside the house, amendments to the constitution were being discussed.

Parliament security officials and police had refused to allow Aboriginal flags to be attached to the fence at a Sorry Day demonstration on February 13. "Does a fence have rights?" asked Les Malezer from the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action.

"Aboriginal people are treated differently to the white community", he added, noting the racial discrimination being imposed on the Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory under the federal government's intervention.

Murri leader and Socialist Alliance member Sam Watson said: "This parliament does not represent the wishes or aspirations of the Aboriginal people. We fly our flag as a symbol of our struggle for our rights."

A delegation entered parliament to present a petition calling on the Legislative Assembly to recognise and respect the Aboriginal flag.