Resisting AUKUS and the war on China



6:00pm Wednesday 15 June


Paul Keating, Sydney Branch Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia
Dr David Brophy, Historian, University of Sydney and author of ‘China Panic’
Patricia Arcilla, organiser for Anakbayan Sydney
Scott Morrison campaigned in the elections on an increasingly anti-Chinese, pro-war basis. Unfortunately, Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party have backed calls for increasing military funding, and even called for more rapid funding for Australia’s new nuclear-powered submarines.
Banging the drums of war and massively increasing funding for Australia’s military capabilities is dangerous development and brings us closer to war in region. This drive to war needs to be stopped - Australia’s interventions against China in the Soloman Islands is hypocritical given our imperial domination of the region. Join this meeting to hear from speakers and discuss how we can stop Australia’s drive to war against China and Australia’s escalating war machine.
ZOOM link option to attend will be posted closer to event date