Qld feminists take to the stage


A feminist performing group was initiated in Cairns in late 2011, in response to a range of issues, including male violence against women and the retention of abortion in the criminal code in Queensland.

The members of this group are diverse — in age, background and previous performing experience — but all have a commitment to improving the status and rights of women in far-north Queensland.

The group’s first project was to present a production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues". It was a success in terms of attendance and fundraising for Ruth's Shelter, who will also receive the proceeds from this year's event.

This year it was decided the group would create their own revue, incorporating monologues, dialogues, music and dance.

The resultant collaborative effort is called “Grow a Pair”. The name originated from a comment made by a local councillor who exclaimed in his pre-election promotional materials that the Cairns regional council needed “more balls in council”. What a perfect starting point for a creative performance that aims to highlight that the gender agenda remains far from completion.

While some items are provocative, evocative and emotional, the program includes items designed to evoke a range of responses — reflection, anger, amusement, motivation, understanding — and just the odd belly laugh or two.

Original scripts and songs are interspersed with published works to create an eclectic and, hopefully, entertaining program.

[“Grow a Pair” will be performed at The Boathouse, JCU Cairns Campus, on April 13 and 14. The bar opens at 6.30 pm, the show will start at 7.00 pm. No bookings are required and entry is by banknote.]