Q150 Hat and Placard

December 9, 2009

In 1899, no woman could Vote, but
Some suffered, were jailed,
So today you count!
Women in 2009 are MPs, can be the
Premier of Queensland, but
If any fell pregnant and didn't want to be
They could be charged and punished for
An abortion under the 1899 Criminal Code, or
Go over the border like when Joh was alive.
Whatever circumstance you find yourself or
Friend, Mother, Aunt, Cousin and Sister
Until you tell your M.P. to vote away
Draconian laws against your autonomy
Queensland can charge, send you to trial by jury.
Petition Queensland Parliament today!
Let the Premier, the Minister for Women
The Caucus, the other side of the House
Know you want a Separation of Church
And State in this Modern age.
Petition your Pollies today!
Implement Queensland Labor Policy to make abortion
About your health, not perpetuate
Parliamentary privilege to vote
According to their Patriarchal Religious

Doctrinal trained consciences - to keep
You pregnant like it was for our Great Grandma's!
A Secular Democracy, representative of all its people
Or a Theocracy, dominated by Man-made theology?
Tell 'em you are not a Criminal
By choosing an abortion, and
Demand you be protected under the Health Act
Not at risk of Prison by reformed
Laws of the Mother Country!
The right enshrined to birth by choice
Is the respect denied women
In fertile phases so demand the
End of generational political arrogance
Which controls the Motherhood State,
And show 1899 is not 2009!

This is Julie McNeill's political broadcast to all Queenslanders
for Q150.

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