Picket calls for massive investment in public housing

Public housing residents and supporters joined a Defend Public Housing picket in Ultimo to call on the New South Wales government to urgently build more public housing.

More than 50,000 people are on the public housing wait list.

The picket was organised by Action for Public Housing and Hands off Glebe. Supporters signed postcards to send to housing minister Anthony Roberts.

The picket also called on the NSW government to cancel the demolition of the Franklyn-Bay street complex in Glebe.

[The next picket is on July 21 at 5pm on the corner of Bay Street and Broadway in Ultimo. Get in touch with Action for Public Housing to help out.]

No evictions, no demolitions. Photo: Isaac Nellist
No evictions of housing tenants. Photo: Isaac Nellist
Speakers called on the government to 'defend and extend public housing'. Photo: Isaac Nellist
Supporters signed postcards to be sent to NSW housing minister Anthony Roberts. Photo: Isaac Nellist
Housing is a human right. Defend public housing. Photo: Andrew Chuter