Perth Protest: Sack ScoMo, Fund the Firies, Climate Action now

Perth & Fremantle


1:00pm to 2:30pm Saturday 18 January


Location: Forrest Pl, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Join Uni Students for Climate Justice for a second week of national protests against the Morrison government. While the country continues to burn, we have to continue to put pressure on ScoMo and his government’s woefully inadequate response to the environmental crisis. Our demands are:

1) Sack Scomo! The Prime Minister should be held responsible and accountable for his heartless response to the bushfire crisis, and ongoing commitment to the fossil fuel industry. If the PM is forced to resign, it will signal to everyone else wedded to the coal industry - whether that's Dutton or Albanese - that ordinary people will not let them get away with destroying the planet.

2) Fund the firefighters! Instead of spending $29 billion subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, federal and state governments should massively expand firefighting services, with proper payment, training and equipment.

3) Climate action now! The big polluters, the rich and powerful - those responsible for the climate crisis - should have to foot the bill for the amenities and services that will be required to help people in the aftermath of a bushfire emergency. We need to keep fighting for an end to the fossil fuel industry