No Right to Discriminate! #2

Perth & Fremantle


1:00pm Saturday 08 February
1:29am Friday 24 January


Location: Forrest Chase, 200 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000

The Morrison Government is throwing women, LGBTIQ folk, people with disability and religious minorities under the bus with a so-called "religious freedom" bill. If passed, the law would give bigots across Australia the right to discriminate, deny the freedom of others and impose their views in key areas of public life: healthcare, employment, education, workplaces, services etc.

Morrison recently used a visit to Sydney to announce ramped-up amendments to the Liberals' bigot bill, while the country burns and Sydney suffocates from unprecedented hazardous air quality.

The Federal government wants to take the amended legislation to parliament early in 2020. It's up to us to send a clear message to Morrison, and anyone else thinking about supporting this legislation, that the overwhelming majority of people oppose granting religious organisations, business owners, or whoever else, the right to discriminate!

This rally takes place on Noongar land.