New song for Arizona struggle

Conor Oberst.

Sound Strike is an organisation of musicians across the United States who oppose the extremely racist SB 1070 law in Arizona that targets migrants. Sound Strike artists have pledged to support the international boycott of Arizona until the law’s repeal.

The organisation is planning to release “Sound Strike Songs”, a series of exclusive collections of songs that will be sold at

Sound Strike band Bright Eyes has released the first official song online. Bright Eyes’ “Coyote Song”, about the anguish of having someone you love deported, can be bought for US$2 at the website. The proceeds will benefit The Florence Project, a nonprofit organisation providing free legal help to immigrants in Arizona caught in the detention and deportation system.

In an open letter, Bright Eyes singer Conor Oberst said: “American ideals of democracy and liberty are built on the foundation that all people, regardless of race or country of origin, deserve fair and equal treatment . . . We’ve all seen the power music has to spread messages of solidarity and hope.”