New England discusses twin crises

ARMIDALE — Thirty people discussed the economic and environmental crises at a public forum organised by the New England Socialist Alliance (SA) branch on March 12.

Jane Growns and Bar Finch from Sustainable Living Armidale — A Transition Initiative presented some of the most recent information on climate change and peak oil.

Current events are following or even exceeding the worst-case scenarios predicted by scientists. The urgency for action cannot be overstated and participants expressed frustration with the Rudd government for its failure to adequately address climate change.

Dick Nichols, national co-convener of the Socialist Alliance, discussed the economic crisis from a socialist perspective. His presentation led to a lively discussion.

Participants agreed on the need to change the economy from producing for profit to producing for the needs of the people and the planet.

New England SA is considering options to continue the discussion. A reading circle for John Bellamy Foster's book Marx's Ecology is one option and further suggestions are welcome. Contact Paul on 02 6772 92 48 or Bea on 0458 752 680.