More international guests to attend World at a Crossroads

Leader of the International Socialist Organisation Zimbabwea and former MP for Highfield in Harare, Munya Gwisai, along with two representatives of the external relations committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Le Vinh Thu and Le Gia Kien, are the latest additions to the growing international speaker line-up at the World at a Crossroads conference.

There will now be around 20 international guests from 14 different countries across the world, including Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa and Canada, present at the gathering.

Together with hundreds of socialist and progressive activists from across Australia, this conference will be an important coming together of alternative voices, not only to discuss the burning issues of our time — economic meltdown, climate change, war and imperialism — but to seek out radical solutions to capitalism's crises.

A big feature will be the emerging anti-capitalist alternatives in Latin America, principally the Venezuelan revolution.

Organised by the Democratic Socialist Perspective and Resistance, affiliates of the Socialist Alliance, the conference will be held at Sydney Girls High over the Easter weekend (April 10-12).

The following day, April 13, the socialist youth organisation Resistance, will be holding its annual national conference.

For more information or to see the agenda for the entire weekend check out page 14 or visit

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