Money for peace and climate action - Not War!

Perth & Fremantle


7:30am Thursday 25 August


BBQ area and park opposite Gate C
Optus Stadium
Burswood WA 6100


Join Stop AUKUS - WA for a peaceful protest and speak out to coincide with the opening of the Indian Ocean Defence and Security Conference - Beyond Transits hosted by Defence West.
The AUKUS technology and intelligence sharing pact between the US, UK and Australia was agreed upon by the Morrison government in September 2021, without parliamentary consultation. Since the May election little has changed and Australia is still marching to war…...
We oppose:
- the obscene waste of tax payers' money on offensive weapons, including nuclear powered submarines.
- US bases in Australia, including Pine Gap.
- the increasing integration of Australia’s foreign and defence policies into US preparations for a war with China.
Nuclear powered submarines based at Garden Island would threaten our national security, posing health risks to civilians and making us a potential target. War is a major contributor to climate change: it causes catastrophic environmental damage and producing green house gasses. It has devastating health effects and kills innocent people.
The global weapons trade must be stopped now! Money for Peace and Climate Action. Money for Healthcare - Not Warfare!