May Day rally to join anti-privatisation protest


On April 1, the Sydney May Day Committee voted unanimously to accept a Unions NSW proposal to shift the traditional May Day march and rally from the first Sunday in May to Saturday May 3.

The aim of the shift is to enable participants in the May Day march and rally to link up with an a Unions NSW protest against privatisation outside the NSW Labor Party conference at the Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour.

The May Day rally is to assemble at 9.30 am outside the ALP state conference. After a series of speakers, there will be a May Day march to Tumberlong Park near Central Station, where there will be further speakers. The marchers would then be encouraged to return to the protest outside the ALP conference.

The next May Day committee meeting is at 5 pm on May 15, on level 2 of the MUA building, 365 Sussex St., Sydney.