Marriage equality activists: 'Let's win this'

Karl Hand.

A diverse and inspiring grassroots movement has completely shifted public opinion on this question, so let's push on to win this vote and more

Sam Wainwright, Councillor at the City of Fremantle, a local government that supports marriage equality

Equality is a very simple and important right. That's why a majority of people support equal marriage rights. The equal marriage campaign has opened the door to many more people supporting the LGBTIQ community on other issues as well

Sue Bolton, Councillor at Moreland City Council

If Geelong City Council is serious about its support for marriage equality, I want to see rainbow flags flying from every council building

Sue Bull, mayoral candidate for Geelong City Council

Equality is local council business. It is the role of councillors to advocate for the whole community

Sarah Hathway, candidate for Geelong City Council

As federal and state leaders fail communities, local councils have to step up and lead. Marriage equality is a democratic and civil right, and councils should promote the Yes case for inclusiveness and equality. After the postal survey, we'll need local government to help push the federal government change the Marriage Act

Pip Hinman, candidate for Inner West Council

Socialist Alliance members were some of the founding activists of the marriage equality campaign and we are campaigning strongly for a Yes vote

Susan Price, candidate for Inner West Council

The fight to win the Yes vote is a watershed moment in the battle for equality. We have to fight tooth and nail for 6 million votes for the Yes campaign to put pressure on both Liberal and Labor to put and pass a marriage equality bill. People power is what will force the government to repeal the homophobic marriage ban and push back the bigots. Let’s win this!

Rachel Evans, Community Action Against Homophobia activist

As a pastor of a church with lots of same gender couples and rainbow families, I am eagerly awaiting the day when these amazing people receive the same dignity and recognition as everyone else. I believe it's going to have a positive impact on mental health and create a sense of solidarity between the LGBTIQ community and the rest of Australia. Let's vote campaign for a big Yes vote and get this done!

Karl Hand, Christian pastor

I think it’s important for smaller cities to acknowledge their local LGBTIQ communities, especially before any hardcore Vote No propaganda gets released. I organised a marriage equality rally in Wollongong because Iwanted to show that even though we aren’t as big as major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, LGBTIQ people here exist and there are families, politicians and friends in Wollongong who strongly support a Yes vote 

Bree Parkes, Wollongong lesbian activist

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