Liberals stall on brewery


Liberals stall on brewery

PERTH — The new Liberal state government has already refused to act over the redevelopment of the old Swan Brewery site.

Aboriginal affairs minister Kevin Minson said last week that, while the Liberal Party was opposed to the project, it had now gone too far to be stopped. He also described the campaign against the development as "mischievous" and said that any directions given at federal level would be ignored.

Local Aboriginal groups and their supporters have condemned Minson's position and asked him to go back and properly examine the dispute's history. Greens Senator Christabel Chamarette described his approach as "flawed".

The developers have issued writs against several of the protesters, preventing them from going within 300 metres of the site. The picket line continues, however, both at the site and further up the road. For more information contact the Brewery Picket Line on 0055 26057.