Latin America mobilises Haiti assistance


A report by the government of Cuba, posted to the United Nations Relief Web website, said representatives of the Union of South American nations (Unasur — which unites all South American countries), met via teleconference on October 25 and agreed to commence emergency medical shipments to the areas of Haiti affected by the cholera epidemic, CanadaHaitiAction reported.

Ten countries took part in the conference: Argentina; Chile; Colombia; Peru, Venezuela; Bolivia; Uruguay; Paraguay; Brazil and Ecuador.

The Venezuelan government has reported that medical shipments began by air from Venezuela on October 26.

Radio Nacional de Venezuela reported that day that Venezuela’s first shipment of humanitarian aid since the cholera outbreak consisted of a 660 pound medicine shipment to assist more than 3300 people. Venezuelan medical staff has also been sent.

RNV said since the January 12 earthquake, the Venezuelan government has sent 8984 tons of humanitarian aid to Haiti, as well as 253 specialists.