Jobs and Justice rally


Jobs and Justice rally

By Jon Lamb

PERTH — High unemployment and the intimidation of unemployed people through the federal government's Newstart program were the target of a "Jobs and Justice" rally held here on September 17.

The rally, attended by some 500 people, was organised by the Public Service Union, the Campaign Against Poverty and Unemployment and the Australian Federation of Unemployed Workers.

Speakers described the daily economic hardship and uncertainty that the unemployed, students and low-income earners face as a result of the Hawke government's approach to the problem of unemployment caused by the recession "we had to have".

Perth has one of the highest unemployment rates of all Australian capital cities, with youth unemployment at a record of around 30%. Young people have been particularly singled out recently, with a media campaign calling for harsher criminal sentences as a response to the rising level of juvenile offences.