Invitation to a national trade union activist workshop


A workshop involving trade unionists from around Australia is being held in Geelong on October 28 from 1pm. Socialist Alliance initiated the workshop because union activists are telling us that there are many issues in the campaign against Work Choices that aren't getting discussed.

There are also many activists telling us that there should be more action in the anti-Work Choices campaign, and that a forum for union activists from different unions and different disputes to swap ideas is needed.

We are organising a workshop rather than a public meeting or seminar because we feel that most trade union activists already know a lot about Work Choices, they already know how bad the Howard government is and they don't need (or want) to listen to speakers repeating all of that. In a workshop format, participants can put forward ideas for action and, by the end of the day, we will have some proposals that can be raised in the broader trade union movement.

The day will involve people from a mix of unions and industries because what has worked in some industries may not work in others. The Australian media is so parochial that we don't often hear about union victories in other states.

Some of those coming to the workshop are delegates who have been involved in recent industrial disputes in Melbourne, including disputes where the workers had to defy return-to-work orders.

The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in participating. Please get in touch, and come along.

For more information, phone Tim on 0438 304 326, or Sue on (03) 9663 7429 or 0413 377 978, or email . The workshop will be held in Geelong Trades Hall, 127 Myer Street, Geelong.

[Tim Gooden and Sue Bolton are members of the Socialist Alliance national executive.]