International Wormens Day Rally and March



5:30am Friday 08 March


Spread the word–this year’s International Women’s Day rally will take place FRIDAY, 8 MARCH 2019 at 5:30PM at the STATE LIBRARY on Swanston Street.


We demand:

Justice for First Nations peoples, Indigenous workers’ rights, and land rights

An end to all forms of violence against women and children

An end to all imperialist wars

An end to racism

Access to permanent residence and citizenship rights for all refugees and migrant workers

Secure and decent employment for all, and equal pay for equal work

A living wage for all women in all industries

The right to organise unions and take collective action, including industrial action and solidarity action, free from violence, intimidation, and legal harassment

Health and safety at work, just compensation, and rehabilitation

Paid parental leave and affordable childcare

Full rights and freedom from violence for people of all sexual orientations

Full rights and freedom from violence for trans and gender diverse people

Full rights and freedom from violence for intersex people

Listen to sex worker peer organisations, and support the rights, health, and safety of sex workers, including the full decriminalisation of all forms of sex work

Justice for people with disabilities - freedom from violence, full access to public spaces, and an end to all forms of discrimination

Full reproductive rights for all women

Free and accessible healthcare for all

Affordable housing for all

Social security and a just welfare system

Free and accessible education for all

An end to environmental destruction, and compensation for all victims worldwide