Inquiry into forced adoptions

February 5, 2011
Greens senator Rachel Siewert.

The federal senate has agreed to an inquiry into the practice of forcible adoption in Australia between the 1940s and ’80s, supporting a motion by Greens Senator Rachel Siewert on November 15.

“Today’s vote starts to recognise the suffering that so many people have endured as a result of forced adoption policies,” Siewert said. “There is no doubt that many women were treated very badly as a result of these policies. Young and vulnerable mothers were pressured into adoptions, and often had to surrender their newborn children without being allowed to see them.

“For many mothers and children, the emotional and psychological damage of these policies continues, and will be felt for the rest of their lives. We must do all we can to address this.”

Calls for an inquiry into, and apology to the victims of forced adoption have been mounting on the wake of campaigns for justice for the Stolen Generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Many of the pretexts used for stealing babies from Aboriginal people were also used to steal babies from non-Aboriginal people, particularly those who were economically or socially marginalised.

Typically, the victims of forced adoption were young, unmarried women and their babies. Reactionary ideologies that cast women who had premarital sex as having sinned justified both a cruel official policy and unsympathetic treatment by medical staff and bureaucrats.

Submission to the inquiry must be sent to or Senate Community Affairs Committee, Department of the Senate, PO Box 6100, Canberra 2600, before February 28. Notes to help prepare a submission are available at .


Thank you to Writer/Journalist/Editor at GreenLeft Weekly Kerry Smith for printing this article in your potent magazine. It's timely appreciated as this Inquiry has been rushed, just prior, over Christmas, submssions closing end February latest; and has been left as 'secrets' some would prefer to remain 'untold history' as well as/or a 'dismissed social issue' for many years, even as it has impacted many lives individually, in families, in society in Australia in the recent past. The discrimination and negative stereotyping is still in reaction [not response] toward the 'unwed' mothers as per some language of adoption [She abandoned her infant {suggesting neglect where there was none on part of natural mothers}, she 'surrendered' her infant to strangers [surrender as a military term and possibly closer to truth in context] Some public perceptions will hopefully shift into truth mode when and if the Senate Inquiry outcomes humane, caring truthful fruits; and the distortions created by people's with own agenda's are examined to allow wide public awareness. This social issue is one of 'cultural relativism' including unacceptable ignorance, rampamt abuse of most vulnerable and traumatised unwed mothers and their infants in most precarious circumstances. The hope is the policies and practices of today [D.O.C.S. key body in 'Adoptions in NSW' and other, is now corporatised Department of Community Services, Human Services] even without any public discussion nor media or public scrutiny about this aspect of 'Australian Adoptions' now privatised] do not allow re-emergence of these terrible and intolerable practices toward any young girls, boys, women men, infants from here on in. How does one make profits from the suffering of some/many [in context vulnerable young mums and their infants] for the beneficial gains of others; as porfits are bottom line for corporations? The Senate Inquiry into Forced [Infant] Adoptions is as I have researched and know it from coal face an Inquiry into peoples of all socio-economic groups [yet allowed to find some if not many natural mums in grave and even abject poverty] who were with No Voices, No Choices and No Supports amidst the most cruel and inhuman Coercions and Practices. Many thanks Creative and warmest regards Pamela Bridgefoot Pan Melos Galerie
Hello Thank you form the botom of my heart ,me as a BFA (baby for adoption) have lost my identity and all real family only to be raised as a form of slave, the general population seems to think adoption is all raindowsand flowers yet mine was a living hell and I have never been validated that I should be able to say "this effects me deeply". adoptees pain seems to make general society feel uncomfertable better we suck it up, not anymore thank you Greens for liberating me and allowing me to speak the truth not the brainwash garbage "god put you in the wrong tummy rubbish" June Churchett
Cultural Relativisn was in full force when these unwed young girls and women carried, felt-the-kicks-inside, birthed and lost their beloved infants to strangers. Disciminination was [and hopefully is not any longer?] rampant, as these young girls, women were given no voices, no choices, no supports whilst unconscionably cruel practices/people coerced/forced them to lose their loved infants to strangers. The mothers came from all socio-economic backgraounds, diverse areas culturally and otherwise yet all were given no voices, no choices and no supports whilst meant to be principled and caring authorities sent them into silent prisons, where some remain even today, those who have survived. Thank you Kerry Smith for raising this topical and vital social issue, and I look forward to more on this and simlar social issues which impacted Australians yesterday and today and have rippling effect of impacting our whole society. May this never happen again, especially may it not be happening as I write this? as one prominent organisation which overseeas 'Adoptions and Permanent' Care D.O.C.S. has now been privatised without any public or media discussions or scrutiny, and is now entitled: "Department of Community Services, Human Services.' The bottom line for 'Human Services' corporations is making profits, and I would ask how can anyone today consider making profits from any people's suffering to benefit those who are in more advantageous circumstances? Privatisation of this sector, amongst others, has happened quickly and without many knowing why, wherefore, and for what reasons? I am potently aware what is happening however. I also wonder who will create the 'National Framework' as on agenda for targets of 'Forced Adoptions' after the Inquiry is completed, as I am fully aware, with shock, horror and proactive stance for the one made for the people's of the Northern Territory. When does much of the mainstream media and others in positions of leadership stop scapegoating and distorting truths to suit an us/them agenda which has made Australia one of the most divisive, us/them nations? The Inquiry may be about specifics, yet there are threads within it which speak of ongoing unaddressed wider wrongs, which many morally courageous and empathic are raising indeed. Creative regards Pamela Bridgefoot Pan Melos Galerie
For Clarity: Cultural relativism is nonsensical. I used this in following context: 'Cultural Relativisim is divisive and creates an us/them mentality, and those in power [one form of power] can easily become oppressors of the 'lower/weaker' [not in my mind] classes'. I used it to demonstrate something banal and more than that, terrible, which appears to have permeated society on many levels, and distorted/distorts truth and humanity, past and present. Classes is a nonsensical word also; as we are now all individually and collectively people who are aware [many that is] there is something beyond the material, and no amount of monetarising anything and everything can discount core humanity and the elevating of light amidst any forma of darkness. Just look at what the humanity oriented Julian Assange has received from the humanity oriented Sydney Peace Foundation, to their credit and with so much support and apprecaition. Respect for and to all who dare to tell the turth to 'power' and all who dare to speak with moral sensitivity and or moral courage. And finally, I openly herewith send John Pilger a very large and respectful thank you for the mind expanding, awareness elevating book 'A Secret Country'. Amidst so much heart, mind and even humour in this treasure which found me faint at times, I was guided to see truth, clarity, committment and compassion always outweighs chaos, corruption and abuse. Off subject, not entirely, it's all about righting wrongs so the wrongs are not repeated; because how much do the people who have massive inluence in monetary terms and political terms care about their children, and their children's children, or their friends, neighbours or relatives children? All my best Pamela Bridgefoot
This Inquiry is to set a world precedent not only from the fact that this Inquiry is exposing a world wide phenomena that saw the abuse of young vunerable mothers and their infants, but it is giving mothers a chance to be heard and set the record straight in relation to addressing these human rights crimes The world is watching how this issue is going to be dealt with by this government, it is either an opportuntity for Australia to be a leader, or to deny this ugly chapter in history, regardless mothers will not rest until we get justice
Forced Adoptions Policy Inquiry There is no such law as a Forced Adoption. This would be an illegal. The Inquiry therefore is enquiring about something that does not exist in law. According to Dr. Timothy Kendal of the Standing Committee on Community Affairs Australian Senate and on understood to be head of the reference Committee of Inquiry evidence placed before the inquiry of which the inquiry accepts and uses cannot be used in a court of law. This will prevent any possible use of this evidence in the future -- Whitewashed and very effectively covered up) ---- a point any evidence put before an inquiry cannot be used as evidence in a court. Suggest to all that they do not submit evidence to Forced Adoptions Commonwealth Senate Inquiry (Senators sitting on this Inquiry are Senator Siewert (Chair), Senator Moore (Deputy Chair) and Senators Adams, Boyce, Carol Brown and Coonan). Can you distribute this info. [Moderators note: a sentence originally posted in this comment has been removed to avoid potential confusion about its authorship.]
To all and any who may be rightly confused by one 'comment' submitted re. Senate Inquiry into Forced Adoptions' now with submissions extended to closing at end of March 2011 on 8th February 2011, stating 'can you distribute this info' and more. On advice I contacted [Sen] Dr. Timothy Kendall [and other professionals] enquiring was this his 'comment' as the footer appears to some to suggest same. I have received an e-mail from Tim Kendall this morning stating: 'I am not the author of this post' [even as his name added at end]. Further [Sen] Dr. Timothy Kendall states in his e-mail to me: 'It was submitted by another party' and also 'Nor did I [Tim Kendall] authorise its contents' and 'Further the information contained within this post is incorrect.' Human clarity is one key to all understanding and awareness of any social issue including any which is being addressed by parliament and the people...and in this instance there has been [or it appears] an 'intrusion of chaos'. Who wrote 'Do you understand about this?' and what was the creative purpose if any? Only creative purposses matter in this human social issue which is not one to be toyed with. I now understand anon. appears whenever anyone sends posts to this article, even as one may sign one's name and more, and this also is a little 'confusing'. [This falls into Green Left Weekly ball court, and may need clarifying?] There is a means whereby one can find out who submitted that 'confusing' post. Bottom line is 'Wrongs needs be corrected so clarity and right prevails' Also, one has to move beyond the weirdos to get to where one needs to go. Respectfully Creative and warmest regards Pamela Bridgefoot [I am non-anon, even as it is headed on Green Left Weekly I am anon]
This enquiry is not found on the NSW Government Department of 'Human Services' 'Community Serrvices' [Ex-D.O.C.S.] website, even as that same depratment, now with changes to their name & business priorities, is still meant to include material about and for all parties within the 'adoption' processes, not least with up-to-date information which would enable the public who access same to be aware this 'inquiry' seeks submissions, and is on process, during 2010 and 2011. The deparment's specific section: 'Adoption and Permanent Care' was and is established, I'm advised by several professionals with much awareness, for people such as those in past impacted/affected by past adoptions, including those who might wish to submit material to 'The Senate Inquiry into Forced {Infant} Adoptions' as well as any and all others seeking informed past and present material. This is an ommission which may have been a human error? One which could be corrected... on professional advice I have asked the dept. to update to include same. This does not mean they will do so, however, positive focus they may?
The voices of those who submit material is given, I would trust, with sincere and complete knowing it is not accepted to yet again simply appease those who have been 'voiceless' for so long. [As with past Senate inquiries into adoptions]. It is given with faith in the 'authorities' today who accept these sensitive stories 'voices' humanely to enable acknowledgement of past social injustices, awareness, growth, healing for the people impacted/affected; as well as the wider public's awareness and alleviation of misinformation. Too few know of what has transpired, and the public have a right to truths, not distortions, and rid the wrong stereotypes and prejudices as well as understanding. I have been professionally advised healing happens to the institutions, the systems, the organisatons and companies, the whole of Australian society, as well as the targets of past 'forced adoptions', when this is done with principles and care. The publics right to know what happened in the 'baby scoop era and beyond' to unwed mothers and their infants, as well as the practices imposed is obvious.
Sme times inquiries from varying authorities have enabled people who have been without a voice to express their story, have a voice regading specific social issues. There is nothing wrong with this if and when the voices about specific very personal and sensitive matters are actively heard with follow-up which enables the people's voices to gain beneficial responses to aid awareness, growth and healing. There is also need for wide public awareness about 'forced adoptions' in Australia, this specific social issue, as there is limited knowing and understanding [awareness] that this 'baby scoop era and beyond' transpired, and the public have needs to be informed with truth so any past distortions, wrong steretypes and prejudices and mis-understandings are righted. If any authority would fear 'outrage' by the public over this social issue being 'un-covered' it is they who may need to reflect why they have this 'fear' and understand truth does have, ultimately, positive effects on a growing, also healing, creative society. It's not only the targets of past social injustices who are enabled and dignified to find some solace, healing and growth from past wrongs inflicted being voiced, and the social issues made public but also systems, companies, institutions and various professionals who were involved in the perpetrations of any wrongs; and the whole of society. Respect and mutual trust go hand in hand Pamela
Many of the 'forced' victims seek appropriate, sincere and full apologies from the States in Australia, all the States and Territories. Western Australia has taken the lead in apologising, ACT is followng, yet there are no other States coming forward with aplogies, as yet. The Commonwealth Government of Australia is also being asked to offer a full, sincere apology to these people, as without this acknowledgement movement forward is inhibited.
This site has almost been taken off the screen when we go to "Senate inquiry into forecd adoptions" and we're wondering who wants to and why they would "sideline" truth media?
"Information about government operations is not, after all, some kind of 'favour' bestowed by a benevolent government or to be extorted from a reluctant bureacracy. It is, quite simply, a public right." by Bob Hawke 1983. [Unearthed and raised from a FOI Report of 1983.] Whatever one's views on this man, or his advisors; the words sincere meaning and principled practice are relevant to the people involved/impacted in 'coerced/forced adoptions' today. Deliberate dis-abling or covert or overt denial of public awareness, control of information [public awareness and public's right to know information] is one distorted form of power. Many have advised me: 'We know nothing about this 'Senate Inquiry into forced adoptions'. Why? Creative and warmest regards Pamela
"Information about government operations is not, after all, some kind of 'favour' to be bestowed by a benevolent government or to be extorted from a reluctant bureacracy.'It is, quite simply, a public right." Author of article [or one of his advisors] Bob Hawke 1983 [FOI Report] Whatever one's views about this man, the words sincere meaning and practice are very appropriate in context of this inquiry. Many have told me: 'We didn't know anything about this Inquiry, let alone some of the truths unfolding'.
In the absence of a voice pre-Senate Inquiry into Forced Adoptions, I was alone and grieving over a period of many long and painful decades. That I am now acknowledged, recognised and given the opportunity to express myself is part of the whole blessing and whilst we cannot turn back the clock, I sincerely believe that a lot of good is coming out of the Senate's Inquiring into, and gathering of our lives and losses together. Redress is an essential component of the crisis in which I and others have found ourselves hurtled into an almost incomprehensible and perpertual state of grief and trauma that cannot be simply resolved by way of acknowledgment only. There are many aspects to suffering and these need to be addressed. It is not as if those who stole my child and the children of other mothers, can turn around and return our children to us. They have had the privilege of a rapist who in the stelath of night, makes off with his trophy. Healing is a process that takes time to which I might add that there may be no real end. Except in the heart of Christ Jesus Himself. And it is God who is the Just Mediator representing us all. Karen Tonkin
Unfortunately, there are such things as illegal adoptions. And they were criminal. I know. I was subject to and the recipient of one such horror. Karen Tonkin
You all have our support An important senate inquiry Josh and family
My name is melissa higham an im a adult now but a child of adoption my mother was unable to leave the hospital untill she had signed the adoption form releasing me from her care for ever i have all her records from my birth i have been told by my brother the hospital forced her to sign the papers which is equal to the hospital records an discharge forms an my paperwork i was also told by my grandma that she paid money to buy me as her daughter was unhappy from loosing so many miscarriges . I was also told by many family members on my real mums husbands side that his family had gone to the hospital an tried to lodge application to adopt me , an the y all were refused . I was dragged up in a horrific home where i was beaten black n blue i was assaulted physically mentally emotionally spiritually an although not by the parents by there friends molested , i was made to feel degrade worthless an ended u[p in a womans refugee at the age of 15/16 , it was a very disturbing childhood on th whole not being loved an excepted as a family member .I am now 44 an have had attempted to break the cycle since i was freed from them but to no avail married in to the same yet more under wrap un spoken circumstances , continue to feel isolated have constantly fighting with post traumatic stress disorder an i was pleased to see now some one is taking us seriously , Aborigines weren't the only stolen generation. an we need compensation for whats happen , No amount of money can fix the pain an life style s we had to endure but it will help to seek professorial help an compensation to go to real physicality where we can get help an our families be cared for mortgages paid bills so we can get the right treatment without worrying about cost , an for some this is to late suicide has been many a persons option even mine through time an i want to live im sure everyone really does but this burden an self less that we have had to endue needs addressing an compensation needs to be done . Thank-you for reading sorry never did learn to type well .
Im with all backing and support to the targets of past injustices in this area of family and society. Im also backing supportive with this: The head of Adoptions and Permanent Care at Family Services DOCS NSW state gov is an adoptive parent well known as one by many adoptive parents thereby some possible prejudice or conflicts? Wheres the justice there? How long has this kind of nepotism or favouritism (call it what you will) been operating or is she the right person for the job being with sympathy for the adopters. Another pertinent point made is this: 'In the best interests of the child' was forged in writing by proponents of family's being dis-membered and there are gallons of studies on this Something very suss in all this combined and one state aren't talking about it Good luck to the birth families who have finally been unearthed after being buried for so long Jesse
I was a baby for adoption. Not loved, teased taunted and humiliated by my adopted parents. They just wanted someone to do the housework. They loved their 2 blood sons, one of which touched me inappropriately. They eventually threw me out at the age of 12 and put me in a home. I have been living on my own since I was 14. My life has been hell...sheer misery! I was abused and told I should be thankful that I was adopted! My story is a long drawn out one and so I wont go on. There has been redress for the forgotten Australians but nothing for us. I want a voice, I want to be acknowledged! My birth mother wanted to keep me, she was only 16! She was forced into signing me away and the hospital wouldn't even let her see me. I am 42 now and carry the nightmare of my childhood everywhere I go. The government allowed these people to adopt a baby without doing any checks on them, (they had only been in the country for 3 months) Never was I checked on in my childhood, so was trapped in hell. I am damaged for life. My birth mother is damaged also... Lynne Ford
Lynne Ford Your sad story is one of very many and it is now time for the government and the churchs who together have allowed these horrific displacement of innocents to occur. Youre not alone and never were and neither was your birthing mum. Youre story is not trivial or unusual. a lot of people have a lot to answer for. To diffuse the anger at the injustices its good to know you are loved and loveable and have been and will be heard. Your mums story is being heard also and the only people who can hurt either of you now are unable too try as they may. With all good people around you I want to say I am lost for words after reading your comment here and send you my deepest empathy So long as the governments and those who align with some extreme religious dogma continue allowing these kinds of things to happen the they alone are accountable.
Lynne Ford you have been heard by people who do care about you and there are many who also care about your birthing mum The people who raised you have a lot to answer for as do the givernment and extremist churchs who allowed this to happen Peace, prayers (not distorted ones) and all the best to you and your birthing mum
With agreeance Jesse Something very odd the Cathloic Church has an Imbalance of power see whose conducting interveiws with the victrims of this malasse. There is government and church collusion so the gov yet again is not accpuntable for the tragic (nothing less than tragic) neglect of young women and their baibies. Thus kind of co-op or collab allowed so many thousands the public now aware to be forced to separate mothers from their babies and thats now being givev to the government to finally say Sorry this was and is intolerable and wont happen again. They have no chouce the public are not barbaric animals they do want caring government Best with this petition and cause its way over due Edward
The mums especially require acknowledging from humane governments this time round. The Prime Minister spoke re. this cause being about "yesterday" to one mother who lost her baby to forced adoptions. The words were void of understanding and compassion. That "yesterday" was not long ago & is part of what is happening today. You can't abolish the any past to create a quick future. This woman minister at this time hasnt lost any baby to anyone & therefore knows nothing of that kind of loss or bond in life The government are being asked to collectively look at the many thousands who had to go through what no democratic society would allow if they used their power for betterment of individuals families and society rather than destructive callous disregard of mothers and their babies rights. It's in the UN Declaration the public stand up for families of blood. It was a form of eugenics with the state & churchs overseeing massive wrongs that now may be righted. Alienating any woman because she is vulnerable and with child is abominable and the practice was widespread. Everyone is seeing who is trying to sabotage the human rights of these vulnerable and defamed mums * their babies and who is on 'the panel of experts' The Benevolent Society is over represented on "aadoption" comittees with it's Catholic agenda, as it is a Catholic organisation. It is not the only resource centre for people affected by adoptions yet see they are one of a few "extreme relgious" (on this issue and gay rights) the government has given massive funds to for "Adoptions Inquiries" including this "Forced Adoptions Inquiry" Add: The word "bastard" was excluded from the dictionary long before the time of this Inquiry. Only extremists used it afterwards. See who is using it in her Catholic investigations a hostorian from the Catholic church and university Shirley Swain. Where's the fairness Aussie governments promote to the public when we take this into account. The Inquiry into Forced adoptions has many academics, artists, intellectuals lasering in on this cause with open minds which leave out the dogma, segregation and callous disreard for human rights that was part of the cause of too many thousands and thousands of adoptions in the first place. This is Australia not a third world country & this beckons the question how could this have happened here and is it happening today? Amend Justice Leave the child with the mother and support families instead of tearing them apart by insane outdated bigotry and dogma. Regards Ted
I'm not left nor right just find your material has a lot of good factual things. I commend the Government for have a Senate Inquiry into Forced Adoptions but only if they are doing this with ethics. Ethics is what was absent when the whole baby scoop era happened and needs to come into office at parlaiment house in every suite as well as every maternity hopsital and place where people are working or labouring over something with a purpose. The experts are the actual original mums, dads and infants and there are no other experts. I hope your stories are given the respect they deserve they have already from a lot of people in very large worlds. Im a man and dont mind admitting I wept at the sheer numbers and real parrallels of crulety inflicted by bullies who given any chancwe will harm the vulnerable and thats the shame here thats blameworthy. Gain apologies and all you need to now grow beyond some of the tragedy of your lives. Conrad
I'm not left or right but both sides were invloved in the rubiish that happened in the baby scoop ers. It's ironic at this time there is a Senate for this whilst Macklin and her crew are accruing huge monies from undermining (literally uner-mining) the Aboriginals. The connection is too out there Yet again the government of the day are making out a Senate to appease people who have been abused and massively on a scale I find repulsive whilst in the Northern Territory there is being played out the cruelest bungling of bureacrats bullying and its on Macklin and her cronies agenda to try to target othet vulnerable people. They wont win with that ploy as they'll be out as quick as Bush and Howard. Im just wondering how they will help the voctims of Forced Adoptions just how can they repair such tragic and government backed goings on in private and public Good luck with the Inquiry to those who have endured what most people could not. Cate
I like what Cate and Conrad wrote not excluding emphasis on neither left nor right knowing they are same as each other today. This is terrible. It is as if Howard did not leave at all the moral or ethical matters are being (or the government) are trying to avoid any responsibilities or accoutabilities. I am realistically concerned about all the moral welfare debates such as 'Forced adoptions'. These are extremely complex and extremely horrific. Been directed to read the writers here and jave to say I agree with everyone. The churchs stranglehold, the agencies of the church (whom the gov funds and asks to monitor what they should be doing themselves) is nothing less than irresponsible. It's a known fact privatisation of what is meant to be government regulated agencies is the one foremost and pivotal inhumane and nasty reality of the great divide between those who have and those who have not. There has to be equilibrium public and private and not privatsation of everything the government are meant to oversee. The government are adept at copping out of responsibility by privatising yet this is going to backfire on them and is already. Forced adoptions happened due to bullying and people saying one thing and doing another to vulnerable. It was so widespread and unregulated I find it hard to fathom how any one believed the media and government hype of the times then. The stories on the Senate site are too harsh to read and yet I know they are real and how can this be? Worst of all I am horrified at how some would prefer to delegate having a soul to the realm of 'religion' when it is clearly and simply being sincere, loving, caring and benefiting any who fall on unfortunate times not destroying them. The gov churchs and officialdom are being structinised and judged and they cant keep scapegoating as its noticeable by lawyers who are interested in human rights and have large investment in moral integrity returning to human relations and human services. The politicians and all who were the perpetrators who had to (and have to) have power over others rather than power with others (and some personal power) need 'a national framework of professional therapy' otherwise we're going to see forced adoptions or maybe today 'forced surrogacy for the impoverished to make a living?' yet another extension of our utterly shameful ties with the USA and the governments embrassingly shocking track record in Australia with human rights. Someone wrote the church is exempt from 'discrimination' and I add as i am affiliated with law they are not and the church has been investigated and chastisted (there have been litigations) because they thought they were above the law yet are not. Ultimately what we need for these Australian families ripped apart by forced adoptions abuse is something that will restore their trust compensation and aplogies from all who were involved in this massive too long 'cover up'. We all know why it has been covered up and why the young women were scapegoated. Yet how could these targets trust people who have betrayed their trust time and again too often in the name of a higher authority as in 'god'. Thanks for being available 'Green Left Weekly' as even as i also have no political party preference the only mag that rings true and isn's propaganda is yours. Yours truly Maggie
A significant topical social issue. An important part is the media of the times then [and also now.] We are living in an era of fearmongering Murdochracy news media which controls the governments and including social policies. Very few out of control greedy and misinforming corporations are showing the public only what Murdoch and his cronies want to hear. This news and media supports misperceptions about social issues inlcuding adoptions and wider family and community topics not least the goings on in Northern Terriotry. Shameful Fox. Misperceptions about the first parents and their born babies have been writhe ongoing relentless. The media promoted adoption as if a 'commodity industry' then they still do. This isn't a social issue about right left its a populist issue about people unjustly betrayed ioslated left abandoned by media and connected government et al and the targets finally rising to assert they want a true democracy fair and balanced (not religious right extreme) not a Murdoch dominated misperception of 'fairness and balance' and some justice on this topic. Note no mentionh about the Senate Inquiry in Murdochs machine or if any minutia. There is no fairness and balance if social issues as this one and many others are yet again swept under the carpet by media controlled governments and their networks. I believe this social material deserves facts raised proriity given. All those mistreated asking of the offenders to ask the targets of the obscene bullying for apologies. Power has to shift content of media has to change so it includes topics such as highly stressful and traumatic forced adoptions and further real and significant actions to recompense follow. The Right wing nutters are gross. There is now a public outcry about many social issues it'll go away when Murdoch's moguls and cronies stop taking everything and leaving the crumbs to majority of Australians et al. Damien
Look at the source of news media at the times of 'forced adoptions' and you'll find promotion of adoptions. Look at news media today and we all live under oppressive control of Murdoch and his fellow moguls. Too few control the news media dn thereby hardly a squeak about this Seante Inquiry in news. Its importand its real and with facts backing the mistreatments. Address the source as well as government. The source is an out of control Murdochracy that annilhilates truth and supercedes it with misperceptions to suit its ever greedy asquisitions empire. The people are rising Power has to shift No one wants any other to live in hard times with or without an infant in Australia today (except those who gain massive benefits from the taking) Leave kids with their kin thank you very much
Damien Having read lots of comments and as my friend is someone from baby scoop era I know this person wants the government and associated culprits to ask her for forgiveness, not apolgise. Murdochcracy has neglected the Australian Senate Inquiry into forced adoptions - the government has given it piecemeal advertising so limited number of submissions. Word of mouth and other news media are looking at these issues.
After hearing much about many sides of adoptions and now about forced adoptions I understand the source of what is and has occurred. This demoralising people who are in "difficult" situations cannot occur again and the systems that created this need examining. So to do the people in power who "Control" the "Social Order" to their own advantage to date and this cant continue without being challenged.. This forced adoptions is all about repression suppression of facts, and oppression Paraphrasing a researcher on Oppression "Maneuvers to blame victims of oppression are time-worn efforts to both rationalise an unjust social order and assuage guilty consciences ..." (latter of the initiators maintainers of oppression as well as initial beneficiaries of oppression) The moms and babies were under extreme oppression the stories unfolding read real. Justice and an end to the "superiority complexes" of those entrusted with due care repsonbile governance and basic bottom line ethics. J.J.
inquiry into forced adoptions has been talked about for a long time. It's about repression suppression of facts secrecy and oppression. The latter I paraphrase a fact "Maneuvers to blame victims of oppression are time-worn efforts to both rationalise an unjust social order and to assuage guilty consciences.." (latter belonong to the secret keeping maintaners of unjust social orders, initiators and not least beneficiaries of oppression namely the oppressor themslves). We all have a part to play to speak up and out about the kind of oppression that weighed heavy and still weighs heavily on the victims of forced adoptions. These people ultimately victims of oppression on a huge scale. This needs a lot more than a Senate Inquiry. J.J.
They are at this time putting pressure of people and corcing people in Australia to not only lose in things as adoption but also in Job Find situations or Skills Australia. The people who lost in forced adoptions are not alone as being pressured beyond human decency. The new breed being presseured are the pregnant (or not) on social security. There is welfare bashing and yet again as in 'Forced Baby Adoptions' people are being pressured beyond any reasonable point and wrongly.
As a professional in a medical field I have observed the discrimination and damage inflicted on unmarried mothers and also two who were vitcims of forced adoptions. We now have a prime minister who coldly has gone public with 'If the adolescent mother (who does have some support and voice) does not comply with Centrelink methods coercions forces and programs they will be denied Centrelink support', End of story the mother who may be without support elsewhere is where the 'Forced Adoption Targets' were yesterday; without any support. The Minister's talk on air was a direct attack and direct discriminating stereotyping of the sole single mothers in all their diversity and their babies. A trial the minister proclaims and one that is as predicted by several eminent writers and medical professionals as unfair to extent it is hostile. These people are not all of one status and each has rights the minister is negating with her punitive and cold claims on air. The extreme pressures on the mothers and their babies which the minister has pronounced and publicly tell it all. The timing of the media correlates with the lack of any newsworthy media except for here and little there about sole mothers fathers and their infants in the baby scoop era. The prime minister is now the one on trial it appears. My professional colleagues and I expect a lot of business as usual and fully support forced adoptions victims rights to justice as we do those who could potentially be damaged during a very vulnerable time in their lives. Outrageous anti social behaviour from a 'leader' continues. Psychologist
The budget says it all. It's been out long before the present (for how long?) leader of parliament staked her position. I am aware of the horrid repercussions of 'forced adoption targets' and the ongoing trauma vulnerability they endure on a day to day basis abd that the Commonwealth do not care, they just don;'t care except fpr their own jobs. Their a disgrace. Governments are there to be for the people not against them, and by the people not elected by their own thorny ego-competitions and other weapons of brutality. If this budget tells us anything it's there will be no care given the targets of past forced adoptions and to boot no care for today or tomorrow' 'forced adoptions'. The targets of forced adoptions need to collectively and individually take this to human rights law. I've read the submissions and was saddened by the obvious lack of Commonwealth Government accountability; see WELA submission, nothing is more honest than truth. I've noted the Greens gaining more credibility by the minute as the two other parties are not thinking clearly. All I can add is I am with every empathy to the families rightly grieved by past injsutices and see it is happening all over again in another form. The Greens have said it conscionably: Slamming the budget today. Who in their right mind as elected leaders takes and takes in punitive ways from those who have the least; disabled, sole mums, students, the elderly, on a further than already pressured treadmill beyond their limits econoomically. I ask why would these people be treated to the punitive demoralising Job Find agencies that served Therese Reins and Salvos [and today serve other same] so well but not their clients the people needing real work. There are no jobs and those available are not suitable for all. Well done for the Greens slamming the budget and look who opened this 'Forced Adoptions' inquiry it was The Greens I am a senior partner in a company looking at alternatives to treating people like cattle, absurd. Mark
Have to say I understand and agree with Mark and the other health man. There is something repeating itself. I too heard on air Julia Gilliard the Prime minister talk in a dehumanising manner about how she was going to treat those who did not 'comply' to her strict punitive coercive regime. This is more like dictatorship than leadership, and I was so happy to see a woman as Prime Minister now not so. We wanted Howard out, some wanted Rudd out, yet both their bad habits are in a woman now and it's ongoing treating some like they are not equal to others. This woman has a superior complex and has become delusional, what do you think psychologist? With the mums and babies forced to relinquish their infants I am without doubt the government and church are blameworthy. Everyone I know is saying the same as the stories coming out read like reality and not the 'adoption' rubbish on television. I am part of an adoption family and do not need to state my case as it's already been done. W.E.L.A. want counselling for mums who want contact with their babies and i disagree with their submissin. Counselling for anyone who lost violently in forced adoption for all mothers and their loved ones.
Good morning friends. I am currently in the process of helping a gentleman friend (who is the father of a stolen baby here in Australia) form an alliance for the Fathers so that they too can have a say in this current enquiry into past adoption practises. I think it is vital that they are also heard. Without our Fathers we would not have existence. If anyone in here knows of a Father and can make contact with them would you please let me know so as I can direct them? Also would you please also help my friend and I search for the fathers. Having no longer being part of the senate enquiry page I am unable to ask any of our Mothers so if someone else could please do. I am not heading this I am just directing my friend. YOur comments and suggestions on this would also be invaluable. Thankyou it is vital that we do not leave these isolated men out as they too were geatly affected by this and its something that cannot be ignored Contact: Vikki BlackDuck
That's the message, good on you Senator Rachel Sievert. Excellent. From Karen Young
Adoptees too have contributed to this Inquiry with their Submissions and hopefully recommendations will become part of the outcome to benefit all.
Adoption was decribed nothing short of a *"social experiment" - and it failed. It failed both the mother and the child, in some situations, also the father. Lets not see the Government continue these failures. *Some Aspects of Research in the Field of Adoption- Maev O'Collins BA Dip.Soc S. SW Catholic Family Welfare Bureau Melb. AJSW VOL19 No1 1966
For help with submissions to the Senate Inquiry into Commonwealth contribution to forced adoption, join this group of 260 members, which provides support for mothers and their children stolen for adoption: See also, Origins website, which fought for fifteen years for this current Inquiry:
Been reading Micah Sifry's book 'Wikileaks and the age of Transparemcy'. This is pointed out here on sitetoo: church, governments and families were all complicit in secrets, lies and grave torturous wrongs against innocent mums babies. History truth shows us Pesidents (male) have had what was once called 'illegitimate'infants, clergy have massive, lots of 'status' people's and all covered up until now. There is a new age pf transparency and governments will have no choice but to see the leaders are equal to the public. I laughed when I read page 12 of 'Wikileaks and the age of Transparency' where it reads: though Australia's prime minister, Julia Gillard has condemned Assange, a fellow citizen.' You see Julia is delusional and cannot yet see she is no giant, and made a grave verbal error there. This does relate to Inquiry into Forced Adoptions, and you will see why in future.
Been reaing Micah Sifry's book 'Wikileaks and the age of Transparemcy'. This is pointed out here on sitetoo: church, governments and families were all complicit in secrets, lies and grave torturous wrongs against innocent mums babies. History truth shows us Pesidents (male) have had what was once called 'illegitimate'infants, clergy have massive, lots of 'status' people's and all covered up until now. There is a new age pf transparency and governments will have no choice but to see the leaders are equal to the public. I laughed when I read page 12 of 'Wikileaks and the age of Transparency' where it reads: though Australia's prime minister, Julia Gillard has condemned Assange, a fellow citizen.' You see Julia is delusional and cannot yet see she is no giant, and made a grave verbal error there. This does relate to Inquiry into Forced Adoptions, and you will see why in future.
What do we want from the forced adoption inquiry? Recognising the many and complex issues that have arisen from the inquiry, I am proposing a process rather than prescribing a specific set of outcomes I am advocating a national process such as a summit with the purpose of building unity between the affected parties and empowering them to identify solutions. Independent trained facilitators may be needed to assist this process. Perhaps it could be under the auspices of an independent institution such as the Australian Human Rights Commission. Unity should be seen as a starting point for addressing the issues, not a far-off objective. Without unity it will be very difficult to go forward as each group will continue advocating on its own issues rather than seeing the bigger picture. Unity needs to be based on a set of shared principles such as justice, human rights, legal redress, proceeses for healing etc. The approach should be one of building people's capacity to address the issues and take control of their own destiny, rather than continuing to treat them as victims, which is ultimately disempowering. Often these mothers are perceived as masses of "poor" "feeble" women, overwhelmed by their circumstances and needs, rather than capable agents of change in their communities. It is not enough to conceive of program in terms of creating opportunities for those living in continuing grief to meet their basic needs. Rather, with the understanding that each individual has a contribution to make to the construction of a more just and peaceful social order, these processes must be arranged in a way that permits each to play his or her rightful role as a productive member of society. Within such a framework, programs could be characterised as processes that provide for the material, social and spiritual needs of humanity across generations and enable all peoples to contribute to the ongoing advancement of society. The challenge for mothers and their babies is thus to find methods that allow individuals and communities to solve their own problems, with the ability of a community to take on more complex social issues as a key indicator of progress. One of the essential skills involved is that of group decision-making - bringing together diverse views, searching for the best solution, and generating commitment and solidarity to carry the decision through. Mothers and their children are the experts. I am proposing to redirect a large percentage of Federal govt budgeted funding to this New Commission from areas such as mental health and employment training and other related areas. This will give start to empower the victims to take back control. Gabrielle McGuire Mother of 3 stolen children
As a professional looking at this from my specialist perspective I draw the attention of the eminent Doctor Geoff Rickarby and his material available online from a past inquiry. It's been found time and again the suffering of many mothers (young or older) losing a birthed infant to coerced adoptions has precipitated states of anxious anguished distress which amounts to similar effects of war veterans who have returned from front line service. Their suffering has been labelled ptsd and other psychological injuries as effects of such losses. Every mother would have her own unique set of circumstances many not in the submissions or media.for reasonable human reasons. It's also not noted well many people will not submit their stories of suffering this kind of loss as they individually know every time the subject is raised further distress and anguish arises, extreme anguish. I would ask the Government of the day to consider the submissions that are not given and know there were many more people affected than the considerate number of submissions. For anyone who would like to follow the progress of the Australian Senate Inquiry into Forced Adoptions there's an online free site called where you can ask about this topic that is/has been a tragic past and present history which demands justice and respect for the sufferings incurred on basically 'profoundly sexually ignorant young girls' (Rickarby's words) on the part of too many of the birth mothers. With all respect to the government of today there is a lot for many to answer for not least the systems that created divisions which created this appalling baby scoop era.
There is a big question here. Why does any family send their own flesh and blood young pregnant daughter, abandoned by father of the yet to be born infant, turn their extremely vulnerable ones out of the family home to institutions or places which showed then (and possibly today) lack of responsible care also. The answer lies in society's (combined influences) preoccupation then and now with 'status' and 'respectability' (what will the Jones's think) at the cost of two people already traumatised who are suffering, and forever after will suffer, varying in degrees.
Inquiry into forced adoptions. I had the most loving of fathers, yet for decades Australians have been trained to place faith in 'experts', just as grandparents of 'illegitimate' children were. They were not the culprits but the social engineers were. If you want to know more, then research 'submission received', submission 170 of Origins Supporting People Separated by Adoption Incorporated at:
Both the Coalition and present government of day lack any knowing of justice. The Human Services state to state all differing in policy and practices needs to unite and together make amends for the social injustices that allowed 'forced adoptions of infants' and 'seperations of familes' along with ongoing cvonsequences. The Commonwealth are culpable as is evidenced by Womens Electoral Lobby Subbmission passed to Senate and various other submitted and non-submitted finds. I raise the without knowing of justice as this kind of 'coerced control' is a tactic of tyrants and oppressors and not of any governing officials who have a fundamental understanding of justice. All the best to the families I know and we all know who've been directly involved in this familial, social, physical and emotional abuse and injustice. Joseph
Everybody who was part of this has every right to challenge not only the commonwealth government but also the authorities where they were placed, prepped for this total abuse in such powerless and vulnerable circumstances. I'm appaled and can only say I'm all for this being raised as high as it can go. Everybody has the right to question their government that's part of democarcy. There are questions here and big ones. People in government at state and federal levels obviously then as now think people have no such right to question challege confront them yet they do - again thats democarcy. Im finding some too meek about this material as if it deserves nothing less than an apology from the Federal government. Theres more needed and more to come out of this malicious and vindictive treatment of babies and their mums when they were in powerless situtaions. Who could imagine this was in recent history and when will the bully in government and elsewehere learn.
The politicians didn't allow the females to carry their own babies so let them today suffer the consequences of that malicious wrong. Slash their pensions and give them food cards to show them what it feels like not having enough or living on the edges and needing social welfare even if not wanting it. The politicians either pull their socks up and listen to the people in the submissions and who speak out about the less fortunate or they lose their benefits. It will show these penny pinching today people their egos need to be pulled in line and all their tax payers are paying their wages and for their pensions. The lousy sods did this to very vulnerable, don't they dare try that on again. I know it wasnt only the politicians media played a terrible role too as did complicit too many. I'd love to know why the feminsists have said so little about their own sisters here too.


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