The hilarious and talented Tim Minchin is BACK

tim minchin
Tim Minchin. Photo supplied

Written and performed by Tim Minchin
Available to rent or buy from December 12

TIM MINCHIN: BACK (all in capital letters and subtitled: Old songs, New Songs and Fuck You Songs) is a visual record of the last British performance of Tim Minchin’s tour of the same name, which spanned 2019–22. It was recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire theatre, London.

For me, it was a wake-up call. Apart from Minchin’s scathing song about Cardinal George Pell I have paid no attention to him.

BACK portrays a remarkably talented, sharp-witted performer with astonishing musicality. To put it mildly, Tim Minchin owns the stage.

Minchin walks in the footsteps of Noel Coward and Tom Lehrer. Both of those singer/songwriters were capable of rattling, hilarious lyrics and lightning-fast tunes combined with intelligent stage banter.

Coward skewered social conventions and Lehrer was politically sharp. Minchin covers both areas, using hard rocking accompaniment and a stand-up style that draws on Lenny Bruce.

Politically, Minchin is a liberal, not any kind of radical anti-capitalist. Consistently following such thoughts compels him to align with progressives.

Interspersed with the satire and raucous rocking, Minchin brings in perfectly delivered, touching ballads. His timing and command of the stage effortlessly guides the audience through the emotional textures.

TIM MINCHIN: BACK could be a great way for the family to have a laugh after Christmas dinner. It is available to rent or buy on all major streaming platforms from December 12.

[Watch the trailer for TIM MINCHIN: BACK here.]