'High time' for equal marriage rights


A national day of action in support of same-sex marriage rights took place on November 28.

In Sydney Mat Ward reported 1500 people gathered at Town Hall and were entertained by Palm Island Aboriginal poet Maggie Walsh, and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir, who sang a piece from their from their latest show about same-sex marriage, "Show us your Rings".

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who introduced a marriage equality private members bill in June, elicited cheers from the crowd when she said: "It's time we sent Kevin Rudd the message: Get over it."

Jack Hansen reports 2000 people, including a strong high school contingent, protested in Melbourne at the State Library. They heard Greens candidate for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, among other speakers, who said it was high time the government "recognised full equality" for same-sex couples.

A speaker from a high school reminded the crowd that the leading cause of death in the queer community was suicide. The crowd marched to the civil registry.

In Canberra, Farida Iqbal said 170 people rallied in Garema Place, and heard from Hannah Lewis from Amnesty International, Peter Hyndal from transgender organisation A Gender Agenda, Dorothy Broom from the Quakers, Michael Coburg from the queer collective at the Australian National University, and Gabrielle Hitch from Equal Love Canberra.

Ruth Ratcliffe reported that 200 people rallied in Adelaide.